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Basic Search Engine Optimization Guide for Blogging

If you are new to online business, network marketing, and blogging, I’m sure you could use a simple Search Engine Optimization guide that could teaches you the basics of

search engine optimization

On Page Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Home business blog post formatting as with good on page SEO.

The goal of this post is not to make you an SEO expert as that takes years, but here I’ll provide you with a simple search engine optimization guide you can follow to make your posts more search engine friendly and hopefully get you ranking higher in the search engines for your selected keywords. That is assuming you have not chosen an extremely high competition search term!

Here’s your basic Search Engine Optimization guide:

  • Keyword in domain (if possible)
  • If not, Keyword should be in Post URL
  • Keyword must be in meta-title
  • Keyword in meta-description (preferably in the beginning)
  • Use Keyword in meta-keywords
  • Keyword in beginning of page/post title
  • H1, H2, H3 heading in body Containing keyword
  • Keyword density should be greater than 2% in post
  • Image required.  Image ALT text should have keyword phrase
  • Use “no-follow” on external links
  • Keywords in body should be emphasized with bold, italics, underline
  • Internal link with keyword to related post if possible


  • There should be at least several hundred searches per month using the .[Exact match] search in Google Keyword Tool External.
  • A Search in Google for “keyword” (with quotes) Keyword or phrase should have 50K or less results.
  • Do allintitle: keyword phrase search in Google : Result should be less than 10K results

Follow these Rules and your posts should rank very well and probably very quickly towards the top if you have done your keyword research carefully.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process in which you create a post or website that is specifically established to rank in top search engines for specific keywords.

One of the most important benefits of SEO to a home business blogger is that it provides free and targeted traffic.  Today, it is very fortunate that online business owners have the option of generating free and targeted traffic through SEO in order to obtain free leads with minimum effort.  This is to say that once you apply good SEO, you are guaranteed to generate traffic for a long period.  I am still generating leads from pages I created 7 years ago and I have not touched them since they were created.

Another main benefit of SEO for your Home Business, Network Marketing or multi-level marketing business is establishing your reputation and credibility to your leads.  Owning your own blog or website, you have complete control on what content you share with your target audience.  Try to provide valuable, useable content and make people want to return for more!

You are free to post blogs, information, downloadable files, and videos among others as long as they are valuable to your audience.  However, you should make sure that all your posts are related to the product and/or service you are offering.  Always provide value whenever possible!

I hope you enjoyed this Search Engine Optimization Guide for Blogging. Please tweet and share this post if you find it of value.

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