Url Rotators – Best Url Rotator

URL Rotators can be very helpful when you either have a team of people in your business that you want to help or if you have multiple websites or capture pages you want to send people to.

I have used them effectively with solo ads as well as in pop-ups on my blogs to help grow my team within Neo Network which ultimately builds my current business and helps my downline succeed.

I am Very Pumped about the new webinar  made for the Neo Network as it gives me a great page to help promote my WUN downline members in a URL rotator. Here’s a video tutorial I shot for the team last week after getting home from work.

Url Rotators – Best Url Rotator

The link rotator at 1linkurl can either be used free or pay $2.99 one time to have it work without ads. I don’t make a dime on this as it is not an affiliate program.

I’ve just been using it for over a year with very good success and thought NEO was the perfect place to use it to help in the process of Team Building!

Here’s The URL Rotator Tutorial Video – Hope you find value

This URL rotator system is perfectly suited for the business I am promoting as the business itself rewards you for building your team and placing people under others in your team. Your team members also benefit directly when you place someone under them as they get paid whether they have directly sponsor those under them or whether they were placed there by their upline.

I have also made this page so that it can be used by my team members with their id and have people sign up under them.

Want to find out how I did this?  View the S1 Variable tutorial I did by clicking here.

The main purpose I have is to help those who have struggled before to actually start making money. Now because I am already past the break even point in the opportunity we promote within Neo Network, I am now building exclusively under my team members so the sooner you get in the sooner I and my upline can start building under you with signups we bring in with our Google hangouts and the trainings we do! First Come First Serve.

url rotator-url rotators

Get in now and follow the instructions to get started and let us help you build a lifetime residual income online.


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Url Rotators – Best Url Rotator

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