How To Add Instagram To A Blog

In this step by step video tutorial, I show you how to connect even better with your readers by adding a cool little Instagram widget to your blog sidebar. This can be done on almost any blogging platform including that of Empower Network.

How To Add Instagram To A Blog

How To Add Instagram To A Blog

Using the Instagram widget facilitates a better connection with your readers and I think also helps to encourage people to join you in whatever business you may be promoting.

The Instagram widget uses very few resources so it should not adversely affect your page load.

The steps outlined in the video tutorial below are the same whether you are putting the instagram widget on your Empower Network blog or your own regular WordPress blog .

How To Add Instagram To A Blog Video Tutorial …

So just sign-up for your free Instagram account using your cell phone. Then Just add your photos. Try to use photos that you think will connect the best with your visitors, telling them who you are and what you are about.

 Next go to as outlined in the instagram widget tutorial above, set your preferences, and create your widget.

 There’s lots of options in setting up your widget that you can experiment with such as borders and #hashtags etc. but I basically just stick with the slide show.

 Screw it up? Just go back in and make the adjustments you need until you feel you have the look right for your blog sidebar.

 Now the really cool thing about this is that it will publish new images to your slideshow within 20 to 30 minutes of uploading to instagram so remember to take pictures when you are visiting exotic locations and this is especially great for when you are at company events getting shots with other leaders!

How To Add Instagram To A Blog…

You should always be looking to improve your blog layout. Try not to overdo it with to many plugins as this can slow your blog load time down and effect your placement in the search engines and your bounce rate.

You may feel uncomfortable putting your images out there but what do you want? Would you rather stay in your comfort zone and remain trapped where you are now or would you rather break through that comfort zone and start earning the money you deserve?

The sites that do well generally all provide videos and images that help connect with people and help them get to know the person they are dealing with. That is your goal.

 So devoted reader, Stay Tuned for more tutorials. If you see anything on my blog that you want to know how to do, put it in the comments below and I will make it happen for you!

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 Put your blog address in the comments below so I can see your Instagram Widget on your blog!

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How To Add Instagram To A Blog

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