The Prosperity Team – Manifesting Abundance and The Secrets Of Leveraged Income

When you go on vacation are you making additional money or is your vacation just sucking money out of your pocket?

Check out the video below to learn the Secrets of Leveraged Income:


Manifesting Abundance With The Prosperity Team and The Law Of Attraction



In the Video above they show you what is possible when you have a team of people who share great content and ideas and a system that works for you whether you are sleeping, at your regular job, or on vacation! I personally have had the experience of waking up after working a full 10 hour  night shift to discover I had made $1000 while I was sleeping. That’s 2 weeks take home pay at my normal night shift job! How cool is that? Here’s a screen shot of what I just described:

Manifesting Abundance With The Prosperity Team and The Law Of Attraction

The Prosperity Team – Manifesting Abundance

With the systems we have in place with the prosperity team and a dedicated effort on your part to follow instructions like I did , you too can get results like this! Join The Prosperity Team Here

Lock arms with us in the prosperity team and start religiously doing the daily assignments. Work really hard at it in the beginning and you’ll be in a video like the one above! Because of this incredible online business I will have my mortgage paid off early within 2 years at this point but the way things are going, probably less than that and then quitting my night shift job forever is not far behind that.

Should you quit as soon as you start making money? Personally I don’t recommend that especially if you have a family. I want to make sure my home and all bills are paid off and my current salary at my regular job is covered X 2 before I quit my job. paying for your own benefits can be expensive! Think before you take that leap and make sure you are ready.

Study Our Prosperity Team Formula…

Why? Because It has Worked 100% Of The Time So Far  For Those Who Have Followed It In Empower Network!

  • DECIDE to get “All In” Financially (own all products) as well as Mentally!
  • FOLLOW The 8 Core Commitments (The Daily Prosperity Assignments make that E-Z :) )
  • Work on HELPING  2 People per day Get Started on our Team At the $25 Blog level…
  • GET YOURSELF to the next Live Event (Denver July 19-21) and  Invite Your Team To It…
  • STAY PLUGGED IN to the team trainings and online events & plug your personal team into the training!
  • FINALLY … RINSE & REPEAT the Daily Action Steps!

Believe that YOU Can follow this formula!

That will earn you $500-$1,000 per day in 90 days! ($15k-30k a month)

Click Here For a Great Opportunity To Start Attracting Abundance Into Your Life.

Manifesting Abundance With The Prosperity Team

Manifesting Abundance With The Prosperity Team


To Your Success!


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