How To Take Your Network Marketing To The Next Level

As a mentor of mine says, “Network Marketing Is Simple  But It Is Not easy”.

It is simple in the concept that if you follow the plan for the particular company and sign up 3 for instance and help them do the same etc.,  you will make money with Network Marketing.  The problem comes in when people are afraid to be rejected by friends and family and therefore bypass the quickest easiest way to get off to a fast start. Many of these people are doomed from the start.

The biggest challenges in Network Marketing is getting your message in front of people and having them like and trust you enough to want to work with you. So what do most Successful Network Marketers do that the majority of people don’t?  They Do Live Presentations! Lots Of Them!  The more presentations you do the more people get to know and trust you and the more likely they will be to want to work with you!

Live presentations can be done in old school fashion by having home meetings or by doing live online webinars. Most people cringe at the idea of having live home meetings but they do not have to be that stressful. It can be as simple as inviting a bunch of friends over for drinks and snacks and telling them you’d like to show them Succeed Running Your Own Webinars something you are involved in that can help them earn additional income without interfering with what they are doing now and if they are interested great, if not , no big deal.  Then show them a recorded company presentation.

Why a recorded presentation? Because your guests can more easily see themselves doing that rather than trying to explain the business and the pay plan themselves when they will know next to nothing about it after just  getting started.

The other method is something anyone and everyone can and should do! Online Live Webinar Presentations! Up until recently this was a bit costly as the main company providing this service was GotoWebinar  and at a hundred bucks a month or more depending on how many people you were expecting, this was beyond the budget of the beginner network marketer.  GVO Conference currently has a very powerful webinar package allowing you to host and Record Your live webinars for up to 500 people for only 17.95 per month! This makes it affordable for really anyone and the return on investment is huge.

You can even offer to split the cost with your downline or even your upline. You could create a schedule allowing your downline members to  use it to run their own live events. This in turn helps you as it will help them grow their downline and yours using software you are providing for them. As your team grows you can be having webinars every day of the week 365 days a year!  Check it out here for 1 dollar for a 7 day trial. You’ll be blown away by the features.  Click on the Get a 500 Seat Room for only a dollar Button for the trial. There are extensive step by step video tutorials as well.

Now Get started doing Live Events but only if you want to succeed at Network Marketing!

What Do You Present At Your Live Webinars? Most Good Home Businesses will provide you with power point presentations of their business opportunity overview and compensation plan which you can easily upload to your GVO Conference software and present to your webinar invitees.

I recommend any time you learn something new, whether it be a new way to advertise free, or some good SEO tactics to build traffic to your blog, or some great motivational info you’ve learned, SHARE IT WITH A WEBINAR followed by a short business presentation. As you share valuable information on a regular basis with people they will grow to like and trust you and will want to work with you rather than someone who is shooting them a random spam email.

With the addition of this Webinar Software I will be doing Weekly Webinars starting The First Week Of October. Check back here for Live Webinar schedule covering some great content on blog setup, content creation  and SEO techniques as well as trainings on free advertising methods for your business.

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