Neo Network Opportunity

So What is The Neo Nework opportunity and why do you need it?  Well if you are in Empower Network and you have struggled personally to get signups or even if you did well or your team struggled, you need the Neo Network.  The Founder Of Neo Network, Kris Darty launched this thing because he was sick of seeing people under him in Empower struggling .

Neo Network opportunity

Neo Network

What he came up with was a Network, The Neo Network that is engaged in team building and Kris found an opportunity to start with that is a perfect fit for what The Neo Network is here to accomplish.

The opportunity which is currently live in Neo Network has a sponsor 3 and it’s free compensation plan and rewards you for helping those three get 3. Once you do this you earn $600 monthly.

Now by joining the Neo Network opportunity, and referring folks to it you are then in a system where Kris, and Mack Zidan are above you in the opportunity and these guys are both top promoters and earners in Empower Network and recruiting monsters and they’ll be filling in slots down below to help people fill in their matrix and get into the $600 a month club and beyond.

Kris made Neo Network Free  for 3 months because he is so sure that you’ll be making money with this thing. Not making money by the 3rd month? Drop out of Neo and it costs you nothing.

Now just because these guys and folks they sponsor will be placing people in the downline does not mean you can just sit back and expect them to build your whole team for you! We don’t want lazy couch potatoes. The whole reason this thing works is teamwork. They are more likely to place people under you if you are working to help build the team and the Network.

Neo Network TeamWork To build your team and help them build their team and you’ll also get help from above you to really boost you along the way.  The Neo Network is about changing the lives of ordinary folks who have failed or are brand new.

Every Friday we’ll be having hangouts like the one below from last week where we showcase how the Network is used with the current incredible opportunity to boost peoples income with a few clicks of the mouse. How do they do that?

The cool thing about our opportunity,  besides the fact that it has as a product a 18 to 22 % discount off of your Cellphone bill if you have ATT or Verizon, even for existing customers, a financial planning tool, a Tax app  for your phone to help you take advantage of business expenses on the fly, as well as a ton of other savings programs that will save you well over the $99.95 monthly membership fee, it has a waiting room. So when someone signs up, they are placed in your waiting room.

You then decide where to place them. This is so powerful because you can place them exactly where you need them to maximize your earnings and by placing them under your new members it makes it one less that they have to enroll to get paid!

That’s right. Whether you place them yourself or someone in your upline places someone under you, YOU GET PAID $100 when you reach the 3 members under you. The system forces you to help your team to make money faster.

Check out the Video below where Neo Network Created $14,900 In Monthly Income LIVE for members…

Neo Network Opportunity


Yes, I Want Income On Demand

I had 2 people placed in my team in the first two weeks I was in and then I enrolled number 3 myself which put me at break even. I am now building strictly under my three to help them each get 3 at which point they all will have broke even and I’ll be at $600 Plus per month!

Then I’ll work on building under those 12. Remember I am not alone. I have help from above as others work to skyrocket their incomes by building under me!

Now there is no guarantee that you’ll get 2 people in 2 weeks placed under you. It all depends on how the signups come in but it sure beats working at building a business by yourself and as in the case of Empower Network, working to bring people in and passing them up to your upline! That’s kind of counter productive.

Put simply, The Neo Network opportunity is focused on member success. We are working as a network to build this team to 10,000 members in 90 days. We are currently gaining more than 100 members per day and that means the sooner you get in the better as some of those people as time goes on will be placed under you.

We want to change the way business is done online. To help people on our teams to make a difference in their lives, to create incomes for people that otherwise may have never been created. As you can see in the video above , we’ve already done that and we’ll continue to do that. As a team we can change a whole lot of lives.

Join The Neo Network Today

Oh by the way, if you remain a member of the business for a full year and use 2 of the included services every month you get awarded a Vacation package of up to $1200. Pretty cool little perk. My free vacation will be right around August Next Year.


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Neo Network Opportunity

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