Creating Incomes On Demand – Neo Network Hangout Replay

Neo Network Hangout Replay Video

Neo Network Hangout Replay Video

Ok you need to watch this Neo Network hangout Video and you’ll see how Neo Network is set up to create income on demand for it’s members. It’s set up using an incredible income opportunity which costs $99 per month (the products can easily save you that much and more without costing you anything extra), and the qualification to break even is to get 3 people signed up.

Now pay attention because here is the really cool part… It does not matter whether you have personally enrolled them or someone somewhere in your upline has enrolled them and placed them under you… You get paid $100!

The next level is Founder 3 to Earn $600. So you have 3 people and now to earn $600 per month it forces you to help the 3 under you to get there!  Once you help those 3 get 3 or you help they get a couple and your upline places them there, it doesn’t matter … Once all 3 have 3 you are now at Founder 3 making $600 per month!

The same thing goes for deeper levels. Your upline is basically forced to help you succeed because the better you do the better they will do and if they don’t help you their income will be limited. Now when you become a part of the Neo Network where I am under two really heavy hitters, one of which is Kris Darty, the founder of Neo Network, you will get some placements into your team over time.

Watch the Hangout Video Where You’ll see someone’s income get automatically increased from $1000 per month to $2500 per month by Kris Darty placing 3 people under her live on the hangout….


Yes, I Want Income On Demand

I got 2 placed in my team in the past 2 weeks and then I enrolled the 3rd person myself to break me even. Now I’ll be building strictly under them to help them each hit break even because as soon as that is achieved I am at $600 per month.  Now there is no guarantee that you’ll get 2 people in 2 weeks placed under you. It all depends on how the signups continue to come in.

That being said we have been bringing in over 100 people a day to the network over the last week and Kris and the other big dog that started this incredible network have not even started public promotion yet. In fact Kris has been on vacation this week.  I have never been so excited about something as I am with this opportunity and the vision Kris has with the Neo Network . He truly has a heart to help those who have truly tried and failed previously and those who are brand new.

Now don’t get in and think you can just be lazy and do nothing and your downline will be built for you! The guys like Kris bringing in a ton of people are much more inclined to place people under you when they see you are trying!  This is not that hard. I’ll even give you access to some great Facebook promotion strategies you can use to help you along.

The Neo Network itself is Free for 90 days after which it is $100 per month. They made it 90 days because they are sure they’ll have you making money within that time frame or you can simply cancel with no questions asked!

Timing is important as the sooner you get signed up under me the sooner I and my up-line will  be able to start building under you! First come first serve!. Click Here To Get Started Now


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