When I first heard about these List Builder programs I totally just blew them off and put them into the same category as those ridiculous “Guaranteed Traffic” offers and safe lists.

It wasn’t until I watched a video from a leader in the industry showing her results from using these List Builders that I stopped to take a second look.

So…instead of trying to explain to you why you should be using our recommended List Builders, I decided to just show you the results.

Check out this post and see why we recommend these List Builders:


I still can’t believe how cheap and easy it can be to generate quality leads…these leads come out to about $.30 cents per lead!

I remember when I used to think building a list was hard.

Using these List Builders is super easy and only takes a few minutes every 3 days!



“I suffered greatly in my M1M business, hating the way we were trained to market: pestering friends and family, attending meetings, pushing products, etc.

This system showed me the beauty of Attraction Marketing using Web 2.0 technology and has changed my business completely.

It is a true step-by-step system that takes you from setting up your profile to advanced marketing techniques. The instructional videos are professionally prepared and teach each process perfectly

The Empower Network system has now paid out $2,000,000.00 in just the first 3 months :-D

Empower Network has helped over 12000 people set up blogs…

…and Empower Network has helped people create $2,000000.00
in commissions paid out directly into affiliates bank accounts in less than 3 months…

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To Your Empowered Success!


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