Achieving Your Goals For 2012

Today’s post is going to deal with setting yourself up for success in 2012.

Most people Start each year with good intentions and high hopes for a better year than they had last year.

They start out refreshed and ready to take the year on with their list of goals but sadly most people either give up on their goals or just plain old forget about their goals by February 1st. They completely forget that they had set a goal to lose weight or that they are going to get out of debt or start their own business etc. and they settle back into their old comfortable daily habits which in turn just sets them up to fail at having a better year this year.

What you need to be able to do is design your life and live your life by design. I assume you are reading this post and visiting this blog because you have a desire to do more with your life and to be more and achieve greater success. You are here because you want to grow and learn and make 2012 the best year you’ve ever had. achieving your goals

Do Not let this be just another year or just another list of goals which you don’t act on! It’s time for you to learn a system to help you move forward and achieve your dreams and goals rather than just being stuck in a rut! Being stuck in a rut can lead to a boring , mundane uneventful life and can easily lead to depression.

The only way 2012 is going to be any different for you than 2011 is if YOU make it that way. If you make sure that you do things different, 2012 will surely be different. If you make the decision today that never again are you going to go back to broke, never again are you going back to setting goals and giving up on them. Never again are you going to trade the life of living in a Rut with the opportunity to do something great for yourself and your family.

What if it really was possible for you to live a different life? What if it was possible to live a life that caused others to say “I want your life”! I want to go places and do things! I want your life to be the life that others look at and say I want that life. How do I get there? How did they do it? You don’t want your life to turn out to be that of 98% of the population that statistics say end up either dead or dead broke by age 65!  Time flies by and waits for no one. The only way your life is going to be any different than the last 5 or 10 years is if you attack it in a completely different way.

Here are some simple steps you can take starting right now so you can look back at this year and say man that was a good year!

  • Make a list and make it as specific as you can. What are 5 things you MUST accomplish this year? Put it down on paper!  Also write down what you think the solution is to accomplish those 5 things or how you are going to attack them. Put Down on paper 25 total goals you want to achieve this year. Now what if you only achieve 5? That’s 5 more than you did last year!
  • Try setting a goal like I want to give 10% off the top of what I make to charity this year. This way rather than focusing on what you want to make you are focusing on what you want to give to help others. This immediately boosts confidence and motivation. Be specific with your goals. Write them down and create reminders and stick with them!
  • You Need A Plan. A goal without a plan goes absolutely nowhere. You have to establish concrete steps you are going to take consistently to achieve your goals. If you do not have a plan, you will not lose that 20 Lbs. , or get out of debt or whatever goal you have set. Write your plan out and have written reminders hanging where you can see them every day to nag you into action!
  • Take Action. to achieve your goals you have to act on your plan! Have your daily or yearly plan hanging up with check boxes next to your goals and check them off as you achieve them. Resolve to do the things you have never done before or you will be destined to be stuck in your rut forever.

To Sum it up, whether you want to get out of debt or start your own business or lose weight, YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t be like the 98% of people out there who give up in their goals and resolutions every year and just let time and life just pass them by! I have faith in you!


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