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So Late Last Night….Freedom Fighters Get 3 Months For Free

We started to let a few of our Neo Network members get started In something that is going to revolutionize The way Teams Are Built In The Online Marketing Industry.

Something that makes it IMPOSSIBLE For people Like Me That can bring in 1000’s of people Into an opportunity To Make A Significant Income…


Their team is also making money!

Real Money….


Something where it doesn’t matter Whether I place new members under you

Or You Do It Yourself. You still get paid every month.


Just The Same  All I Can Say Is…..

We have A Ton of people to place

And we haven’t even opened this up to the public

For Now It’s MEMBERS ONLY and if you are reading this you have the opportunity to become a member….

So if you haven’t become one yet…. Click This Link

And register to be part of the Neo Network

Once You Are A NEO NETWORK Member….

You will be immediately forwarded To a page where you can get positioned In our Team Building Project And become eligible to receive New Members Coming Under You In the weeks leading up to our public launch.

We will be creating full time income for our members This Month.

Of course we aren’t allowed to guarantee incomes But what I can guarantee That we will be pushing hard And working with our team this month To make sure they are all making as much as possible.

So if you aren’t a member yet…. Get Started Now!


Late Last Night…We started to let a select group of membersJoin the next opportunity that we introducedTo The Neo Network This Week

Before we let the public in on what we are doing

I wanted to give you A chance to join now

Before the masses Next Week When we open the floodgates for all to come in.

Right Now We have several hundred people That we will be placing in the team…. Under Each Other

So that all our team is collecting a check

At the end of this month…

The question I need to ask you is….

Will you be one of them?

Well you can decide that right now

By logging into The Neo Network

And getting positioned

In this new opportunity

Before we start to put together the team

Next week and then let the masses join

Our Sponsor….

Mack who is the #1 recruiter in Empower Network

And pretty much everything he does

Has a few thousand people

He is going to be placing in our team

Next week once we establish our foundation

Which IS YOU


Go to The Neo Network Right Now

And Click the Big Green Button

That says “Enter The Matrix”

And you will be forwarded to a page

With Some Videos explaining

How to get setup in this new opportunity

If you reach the join page instead it means that

You are either Not Logged In


You don’t have an active subscription In NEO NETWORK

Go ahead and fill out the form to upgrade your account

Don’t worry about being charged right now

You will have 90 days before your first payment

Once you complete that step

Then you should be forwarded to the page

Which explains how to get started in the new opp

OkThat is it for now…..

I hope you understand how BIG this is for you

And that you take FULL advantage of it Right Now

I’ll see you on the inside…..

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