How to Make Money Utilizing Squidoo Marketing

Squidoo advertising is one of many effective programs that online marketers are able to use for designing incredible on-line money-making portfolios. There are lots of social networks and communities out there, but none seem to provide their members the type of effective lens system and the ability to create traffic leading to income  that Squidoo does. So if you are searching for some great advertising tips. Continue on …

What is Squidoo? Squidoo is actually the brainchild of mastermind speaker and small business owner, Seth Godin,  also a bestselling  author having 7 or more published books. He was one of the original founders and is now the Squidoo CEO.

If you are bored out of your mind spending hours surfing online you can use Squidoo to create mini websites that will generate you income with your own online business. Squidoo lenses tend to do very well at generating traffic.

What are Squidoo Lenses? Lenses are actually user-created websites generally reviewing a product or service that you may be promoting. You can then link your lenses to your affiliate, or network marketing website to drive traffic to your offers.. You can additionally connect them to blog sites, social networking internet sites, or  video streaming sites such as  YouTube or Viddler.  Squidoo has a very high page rank and Alexa ranking so lenses created within the system tend to do very well in search engine rankings if you choose your keywords wisely.

Squidoo advertising lenses provide you with many social media tools enabling you to connect with people in other social networks and build a targeted following of those interested in what you are doing.

Using Smart SEO and linking tactics  you can boost the sales and traffic diving power of your Squidoo lense.  Squidoo is an expanding publishing platform. However if you really don’t promote the lense, Your target audience may never find it.

Here are some of the most effective things you can do to actively promote your Squidoo lenses:

1. Write articles for Ezine or other write-up website directories

2. Use a program Such as article marketing Robot to Send the Article to hundreds of directories

3. Join Tribe Pro and get your Squidoo Lense auto syndicated by hundreds of other Tribe Pro Members

Design a well thought out Squidoo Lense and market it properly and you can drive thousands targeted customers to your offers. Have fun.


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