No matter what business you are in. MyLeadsystemPro will greatly improve your bottom line while showing you step by step how to  get your leads funnel churning out more qualified leads than you can handle in a day.

Old style network marketing techniques would have you making a list of everyone you know and approaching them with your primary business. Worse yet it will have you out at shopping malls handing out fliers and CD’s. Worse still your upline could be suggesting you by leads lists and cold calling. Doing this is the fastest way to frustration and will kill your confidence level dealing with people who had just filled out forms on 15 different capture pages and are now being bombarded by phone calls. Don’t Do It!

There are better techniques than talking to random people about your business .  4 Million people a day search Google for a home Business. Wouldn’t you rather find one of the 4 million people per day that are already looking for what you have to offer?  This is what MLSP can do for you.

Get started with MLSP and use These techniques to get off to a Fast start.

Step 1. Sign Up and  Get Your System Set Up Within 48 Hours

There’s a step-by-step checklist in the MLSP back office that walks you through the entire process of setting up your system. DON’T SKIP STEPS!

The faster you go through the process and get your system properly set up, the sooner you can start your marketing and start getting those leads for your network marketing business. Note: If you are in a hurry and don’t mind paying an additional 1 time fee You can have your MLSP system set up for you professionally by the people at My Lead System Pro. This will get you up and rocking with the system in half the time or less.

Step2. Fill In All of Your Affiliate Codes

MLSP was  designed to create multiple income streams for you through the use of affiliate programs. The system will automatically send e-mails to all of your leads to market a wide variety of products and services such as GoDaddy, Host Gator, Magnetic Sponsoring, etc.

Every time one of your leads buys one of these products or services you’ll get a commission but ONLY if you’ve filled in your personal affiliate codes in the MLSP back office. The setup process will guide you through the process of setting up your affiliate programs and adding your unique affiliate id’s to the system. Make sure you take the time to obtain and enter these codes or you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Step 3. Master One Marketing Skill at A Time

There many ways you can market your MLSP lead capture pages. You can use free methods like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, articles and lots more. Or you can speed up your results with paid marketing methods such as pay per click ads or banner ads. The fact is, there are so many different ways to market your system that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start.

Don’t try to do to many methods at one time. In the back office you’ll find literally thousands of dollars worth of video training covering ways you never dreamed possible to market your business.   Once you start seeing good results from your first selected marketing skill and you feel comfortable with your knowledge of it, then you can study and master another marketing skill. And then another, and another, etc.

Step 4. Follow-up with Your Leads

As you start applying your marketing methods to your MLSP lead capture pages you’ll begin getting more and more leads. These are your exclusive leads. The system is designed to automatically convert the leads from curiosity-seekers to paid MLSP subscribers, affiliate product buyers and ultimately members of your MLM business team, but you can dramatically improve the likelihood of this happening by reaching out to connect with your leads personally.

If your leads provide a phone number that means they are asking you to call them so be sure to call and build a good relationship! Share your experiences with MLSP, answer their questions and suggest they get started with the system so they can start creating their own leads online.

Add your leads e-mail addresses into Facebook. If they have a Facebook profile,  send them a note thanking them for stopping by your MLSP page and invite them to become a Facebook friend. Take time to follow-up with all of your MLSP leads in this way and build relationships and your chances of having them become a customer and a team member will dramatically increase.

Step 5. Help Others Get Started

Once  you’ve been using the MLSP system for a while and you’ve had success creating your own Network Marketing  leads you’re in an excellent position to help your new MSLP customers get their systems set up. Just calling them and encouraging them to get started and follow through with the video step by step tutorials is often all it takes. Try to keep them focused on following the steps and not getting sidetracked or overwhelmed by all of the information available to them. You’ll  be asked questions about specific items but you’ll know the answer because you’ve already been through the process.

If you  run into a question you can’t answer refer them to the MLSP forums where their question can be asked or they can just open a ticket with MLSP Support. You want your My Lead System Pro subscribers to be completely satisfied and getting good results with the system because if the system is providing value to them they’ll stay subscribed which means a continuous income stream for you.

Step 6. Create Your Own Video for Your Primary Business

An very important part of the MLSP automatic sales process is when your leads get exposed to your primary business. This can be done through a video that you link to in your My Lead System Pro back office. Try not to use a stock company video. It will be much more effective to create your own, from the heart video, introducing prospects to your primary Business.

This is an opportunity for you to build quality rapport with your prospects and will brand you as a leader .

Your video should feature you detailing the benefits of your Network marketing business, why you think your network marketing business can benefit the the prospect, and how you can help them succeed. This  is a whole lot more personal than some company video that hundreds of others are using and is a lot more likely to be watched and get results.

Step 7. Don’t Give Up!

Keep promoting MLSP as a solution to help others build their business! Most people using MLSP don’t realize that your MSLP system creates a  cookie in the browser of all of your leads. What this means that if someone becomes one of your MLSP leads but decides not to become a paying subscriber right away, they are still connected to you through your cookie. So if they decide six months later to get started with MLSP you’ll get the credit and commissions, even if they go to ten other MLSP lead capture pages in the meantime.

It would be foolish to Quit  MLSP after getting a bunch of leads in a few months . A percentage of those leads are likely to get started with MLSP in the future and you want to be actively using the system when they do.

It takes only a small number of subscribers to more than cover the monthly cost of MLSP so you might as well stay in as long as the subscription is being paid for. You will make quite a bit more if you follow these tips, though!

I hope you find some value from these seven MLSP success tips. Network Marketing takes time and constant massive action. Don’t use MLSP for 2 weeks and think it doesn’t work. Those that stick with the system and follow the weekly trainings and tenaciously promote their MLSP system will reap the rewards and join that top 3% who massively succeed at Network Marketing!

Please let me know if you have any feedback and questions in the comments area!

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