Six Crucial Internet Marketing Tips

Internet marketing is a profitable but very competitive way to make

internet marketing tips

Internet Marketing Tips


When faced with marketing your blog, website, or business on the Internet, you’ll definitely have some challenges to overcome. No matter what your specific niche is, it’s just not the easiest thing to do to get good traffic coming to your site . Included her you’ll find some useful internet marketing tips to use in your quest for traffic, leads and sales.

I highly recommend that you keep track of your website’s statistics using several different services. By utilizing sites like Statbrain, Alexa, and even through your web-hosting control panel, you can usually find a wide selection of statistics that will help guide you and make sure your internet marketing efforts are on target.

Most website hosts include a stats program like aw-stats and make it available through your hosting control panel. Use that as well as alexa and statbrain to check on your daily weekly monthly and even hourly visits to your website. Check how long people are staying on your site. Check which pages they’re visiting most, and most importantly figure out exactly how people have found your site or blog. Using this information you should attempt to tweak your marketing efforts to improve visits and time on site.

If you can afford it you may want to enlist an outside SEO expert to tweak your site but this can be expensive and I recommend you get some good references from them that you can check on personally.  You can get help writing content, designing images, placing tags, etc, and this can ultimately save a lot of time. The sooner your site is launched and attracting search engine visitors, the faster you’ll recoup any advertising or SEO costs and get into profit.

One really cool tool I have found for bloggers is called SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2. This cool

internet marketing

Internet Marketing

free plugin can be set to display the incoming search terms that people have used in the search engines to find your posts. You can also have it display the incoming search terms in a sidebar widget and below the posts that were found using the keywords further increasing your on page SEO. You can see it in use in my side-bar under the heading Recent Search Terms and popular search terms. This plugin will improve your ability to tweak your keyword use in your posts for optimal results.

For static html websites you’ll need to add title and meta tags which are simple descriptive tags that you will add into the HTML of your site. You will be able to find these tags in brackets, listed as <TITLE> <meta name=”description” content=””> and <meta name=”keywords” content=””>. Within these tags you want to put something very descriptive that the search engines will read to discover what your page is about. It’s not a guaranteed way to get you first page rankings, but you do want to use these tags to your advantage.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter now have an incredibly larger user base than any other type of website currently in existence. More and more people are using these sites each and every day. Knowing how to properly implement the power of social media can take you from a simple start-up blog or website to an incredibly popular site. I would definitely recommend you learn your way around social networking as it can propel your business very quickly if used properly.

Try to make it easy for people to share your site and offer incentives for those that do. For wordpress users there are some really cool reveal plugins that show only a portion of the content and require users to like or share before they can get the rest of the content. The more likes and shares you get the more weight your site will have in the eyes of the search engines.

Likes and shares also tend to post on the Facebook profiles of those who like you which can turn viral and get more traffic to your site. Viral internet marketing, when done properly, can bring a ton of traffic to your blog or website.

The game of Internet marketing is all about increasing your blog or website’s popularity and driving more traffic which in turn become leads and sales. Following the simple tips in this post, you should definitely be able to increase your traffic leads and sales.

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