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There are many many ways to build traffic to your site. Some are free others you have to pay for.  So  how do I increase my web traffic? First of all you can’t sit on your hands and expect the traffic to just roll in. You need to use a variety of methods such as Search engines, social media, links,  squidoo,  twitter and more.

Before you continue reading however, consider how you found this page. You found this post by doing a search in Google most likely. Find out how you can learn from me exactly how I drive traffic and get First Page Google rankings.

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Back links are a main way to get traffic to your to your website or blog. Think of the entire web as your hosting account. Use sites like Squidoo and build a lense page or overview page that links to your blog or website and then build links to that lense page using social bookmarking to increase the value in Google‘s eyes, of your Squidoo page. A great service that can build links from about 30 different high volume Social sites is Onlywire.

Onlywire will take a bit of time to set up but is well worth the effort in the long run. Set up an account with onlywire. Then from their site go to each of the social media sites that they submit to and set up an account. Use the same user name  and password whenever possible to keep things simple .

Take some time and add your photo and update your profile to include a link back to your blog or website. This can take a few hours to get through but the time and effort spent will bring you traffic. Add the Onlywire plug-in to your wordpress blog and install the onlywire increase Web Traffic submitter on your computer for submitting to sites like Stumbleupon and some others that have a Captcha code to submit.

Then edit your onlywire plug-in settings to submit every time you make a new blog post and you’ll be adding 25 to 30 good back-links immediately which will in turn increase your website traffic. Whenever you can also link to your social media pages from other social media sites and any sites you have with a page rank 3 or above.

Visit forums on Internet marketing or the Niche you are targeting, that allow your link in your signature file and post relevant comments and add your sig file. Don’t just go to any forums however. Search for those with at least a page rank 2 or above for the thread you are posting to. a great tool I use for this is a firefox plug-in called SEO Quake. This will show you statistics at a glance . The higher the page rank on the forum thread the better. If there are to many posts to the thread however, this can dilute the effect of the high page rank but may still be worth a link back to your site.

Another good way to increase web traffic is getting your  posts Syndicated to other people’s lists with Tribe Pro. Tribe Pro is a system that allows you to have your articles syndicated to other tribe members twitter, Facebook, stumbleupon lists etc. This is the easiest way I have found so far to generate traffic and increase your Google and Alexa rankings. 8 months ago when I joined Tribe Pro, my worlwide Alexa rank was over 2 million. Since starting with Tribe Pro my Alexa worldwide rank is now 424,706 and a US Rank of 66,078! Quite a dramatic improvement and my web traffic has increased dramatically. increase web traffic

You can join free and earn points by syndicating others articles allowing you to then post your own to the tribe for them to syndicate. Free is nice but if you want time freedom and to have your sites auto syndicated, the paid option is the way to go. In the paid version when you follow others and choose to auto syndicate their articles to your lists, they will generally return the favor. This gives you content posting points on auto pilot and will syndicate your items, putting your content in front of literally tens of thousands of people and building some nice back linking. You owe it to yourself to check this one out today if you are looking to increase web traffic.

Use Low cost E-zine advertising to increase web traffic.

E-Zine advertising is still a very affordable and very good way to get traffic to your website. You will have to be careful however that the E-Zine you are advertising to matches your topic or niche and has a Good subscriber rate. I would recommend subscribing to the E-Zine and getting a couple of issues before deciding whether they are the place you want to spend your advertising dollars.

One site I would highly recommend is Charlie Page’s Directory of E-Zines. Charlie is an internet marketing veteran and does in depth research on the different e-Zines providing you with all the relevant info you need as to where to spend your advertising dollars to get a return on investment. There is a 1 time investment into the directory of E-Zines but it will help you to advertise only on E-Zines that provide a good return on investment with a nice increase web traffic.

Many e-zines out there give false subscriber numbers and you take the chance of wasting your advertising dollars if you pick the wrong one. Just be careful and do your due diligence in checking out the e-Zines before spending your money. You should never need to ask How Do I Increase Web Traffic as there are a multitude of methods out there and all you really need to do is do a bit of research. I have only scratched the surface with this article

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