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Empower Network

So you’ve started an online business and you need help generating traffic, leads and sales. Put the tips in this article to use and  make a few changes to your internet marketing campaign.

First of all you have to have a website or blog that people can actually find otherwise you are sunk right from the get-go. Empower Network is this really cool viral blogging platform on an aged domain with awesome Alexa ranking.

Literally anything you link to from the Empower Network gets a great burst of link juice from the fact that we have over 23000 blogs in the network all putting out fresh new content and Google just loves fresh new content. Keeping this in mind what you do is sign up for Empower Network which costs $25.00 per month and this gives you a fully functional ready to go viral blog for you to start blogging about your business.

They also have an affiliate program where you can earn 100% commissions from anyone else who orders a blogging system or any one of their Internet marketing training packages. The blogging system can also be used to boost a store front business website or blog to page 1 in google for relevant keywords.

I was curious about this and threw together a mock up blog /dental website for my Dentist (  and did 1 blog post about the practice linking from my Empower Network blog to the yet unfinished blog/website I put up for my Dentist and it is ranking on page 1 in Google for easton pa dentists, nazareth pa dentists (the next town over) and dentists on rt 248 easton. (this one is in the # 2 or 3 spot as of this writing!)

Think of the possibilities. Not only can you boost your own business ranking but you can make some extra money on the side by setting up a blog for local businesses and driving it to page 1 in Google for keywords closely relating to that business. Ok so you may be saying alright this was a fluke. Here is a semi-short list og keywords i am currently ranking on page 1 in google for. Do a Google search for yourself on any one of these keywords and you’ll find a post from on the 1st page: empower network

Empower Network home business

independence energy alliance (a review post I did)

easy home business

easy network marketing

top 10 mlm companies 2012

numis network home business

how to get facebook likes easy

affiliate redirect code

get more money affiliate marketing (posted Yesterday!)

new irish jokes

solo ad marketing

How To Control Finances

How To Get People To My Blog

Starting An Easy Home Business (posted May1st)

I think you get the picture. There are people that are paying Google a lot of money to rank on page  one for many of these through adsense.

Before Empower Network came along I worked for over a year doing everything from tribe syndication to extensive back linking to my blog posts and had almost no 1st page results to show for my effort. using Empower Network to link back to my posts gives them an instant boost in the search engine rankings resulting in more traffic, leads and sales which is what every business needs.

One other tip I can give you is a cool little ad program I am testing called All Inclusive Ads.A couple days ago I signed up to receive 1 share of a $40,000 advertising co-op designed to send fresh traffic to whatever it is you want to promote.

You can add up to 10 urls – maybe to your own blog posts, youtube videos, splash pages or directly to affiliate offers. I added in 3 of my newest Empower Network reps and each is getting traffic and a few opt ins in the last 24 hours.
In 24 hours this one share has resulted in over  42 unique visits to my urls. here is a screenshot from my hyper-tracker  for me and my team mates in my one campaign over the last 24 hours:
all inclusive ads

All Inclusive Ads Campaign Snapshot

I was so impressed by these initial results that i sent a note to the AIA admins. with a few question and I want to share their answer with you because the really cool part is you GET ONE ADDITIONAL SHARE of their $40 K monthly ad campaign for each month you are with them.

This means you get MORE and MORE traffic each month you stay subscribed which is
one of the best kept secrets online. “Each active member gets 1 share from the co-op each month they are with us. So you get 1 share first month, 2 shares the 2nd month etc…


This is a loyalty given to members that stay with us. If you add 1 link this link will receive your entire shares worth of traffic. If you add more than 1 link your share of traffic will be rotated between those links.” Pretty cool and my new team members are digging the instant traffic I am sending right to their Empower Network capture pages.


So Each month you stay active with All Inclusive Ads you get an additional “loyalty share” absolutely free.  So the best way to take advantage is to o join AIA and buy one or two shares and just STICK WITH IT and you will steadily see an increase in traffic to your offers.


That’s it for Today’s tips so to get help with your online business, use the linking powerhouse of the Empower Network Blog system combined with the increased traffic of all inclusive ads and you can’t help but succeed!


…Empower Network has now paid out over $4,084,499.20 in just the first 5 months icon biggrin How To Hire Freelancers

…Empower Network has helped 23000 people set up blogs…

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