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Generating traffic with the Empower Network Business Blogging network is nothing short of amazing.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me a company like Empower Network that makes it easy for average working stiff Joes like me to start building a walk away from my job income as well as an easy way to get traffic to it and generate leads was a no brainer for me to join. Check out my Empower Network business Video testimonial:

I am a father of 2 great sons ages 21 and 14. I am 48 years old, married 26 years this coming May 17th and have worked night shift for 15 years and missed much of my 2 boys childhood as they were growing up and see my wife for 2 hours after she gets home before I go to work If I am lucky. I only wish I had the empower network business opportunity when the boys were younger that I do now because I just missed so much that I will never get back!

Now I have the chance to salvage a couple of years before my youngest goes off to college and the older one is still home at least for now. Time goes by so damn fast that they are grown in

empower network business

Night Shift Sucks!

the blink of an eye! I now also have the opportunity to help others who still have little ones make the most of Empower Network business and use it to help them build incomes that will allow them to enjoy every minute of their children’s childhood.

Also the empower network business finally gives me the chance to get the hell off of night shift and sleep, eat, and live like a normal human being and emerge from the world of the living dead!

I have struggled online for years and this blog took me a full year of trial and error, trying this tool and that and spending lots of money in the process and I got the traffic up to a whopping 3000 visitors a month but then it stopped growing!

I tried everything until David Wood and David Sharpe came up with the Empower Network Business which not only is a really cool really easy and affordable business for anyone to start and make a lot of money but the traffic from their system is incredible and continues to grow.

This blog is now at 10,000 visitors a month and I get daily opt ins to my List for more info about Empower Network business and the traffic is still on the rise! Using the traffic generation technique outlined quickly above utilizing the Empower Network Business Blogging system and thanks to the easy Empower Network business model I am easily within reach of my goal of paying off my mortgage and retiring within 2 years while my youngest is still a Junior in High School.

The business model itself is something anyone can do. The work I do literally takes me 1 to 2 hours per day which is good because the shift I work is 10 hours a night, 5 days a week! I teach every person who comes into the Empower Network Business under me the exact strategy I am using to build a great income with Empower Network. It is so easy that really no technical skill is required. I even have a gentleman in his eighties doing the business!

If you are on this blog and have read this far I assume you are looking for a better way, a better more fulfilling life. Lock arms with us at the Empower Network business and learn the traffic generation and business building strategies we are using to fight the forces of evil, i.e. the world that has so many convinced they have to work until they are ready to drop in old age before they can retire!

Here is a Snapshot of my Awstats from October until the end of January to show you the awesome traffic generation boosted by linking from my Empower Network Blog:

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Awstats capture showing Traffic Increase Due to Linking From Empower Network Blog

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Will You be among the fortunate?

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To Your Empowered Success!


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