Empower Network – Making $1000.00 In A Day!

Why is Empower Network So Incredibly Badass? Because Empower Network gives you the opportunity to Earn $1k or more in a singe day! After working a 10 hour night at my regular job, upon waking at 4 in the afternoon I discovered in my inbox the following email (See Image Below) , telling me I just earned more while I was sleeping than I will in the next 2 weeks at my regular job! Priceless!
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Empower Network – 1K in 1 Day!

Now, that being said, just because I did it does not mean you will do the same thing! That all depends on you and your level of commitment to your future and your success. In order to be able to make 1K in a single day you need to first buy the 15K formula  once you have joined Empower Network. (click the link for details on this amazing training series)

The reason I was able to wake up and find this email was because I invested in myself and my future with this 1 time purchase and now when  one of my team members purchases this product, I get the email you see above. Pretty damn cool!  Besides that, most people who get in and purchase the 15K membership have already subscribed to the inner circle membership meaning I also get monthly payments  from them of $125.00.

Empower Network – How you can make one thousand dollars in a day …

Yes you can get started for $25 mo. plus the $19.95 monthly fee but if you are serious about building a serious income with Empower Network then you will invest in yourself and give yourself the best chance to succeed. All payments and purchases are tax deductible! This is a business. treat it as such and use a free business checking account for all of your transactions and go to an accountant, who’s fee is also tax deductible, to get your yearly taxes done right.

If you are down to your last $100 bucks this is NOT for you! 

I seriously recommend you have an extra $300.00 to $500 set aside after joining and upgrading in the Empower Network packages of your choice, to put towards advertising to kick off your business properly! I’ll give you suggestions of what advertising sources are working best for me to generate leads and sales for your business.

Also I and all of my team and their teams have access to my Team training site packed with marketing tutorials and team capture pages. This gives you the ability to stand out from the crowd in Empower Network.

And as an added bonus, I own 4 of my own servers and will set up for any team member who upgrades to at least the Inner Circle Mastermind level with an additional blog that you can use for self branding or whatever purpose you desire. I personally do posting on both my Empower network Blog and this blog and link them together for increased traffic.

So if you can’t afford the 15K membership yet, you can still make really good monthly money with the combination of the blogging membership plus the Inner Circle mastermind at $125 per person paid to you monthly.

Nuff said! If you are serious about making money online and have been researching Empower Network get in here now!

To Your Success!


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Empower Network – Making One Thousand Dollars In A Day!

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