Empower Network Live Stream Broadcast | How We Are Doing 30K Per Day!

Since the launch of The Empower Network empower network livestream on October 31st, 2011, we’ve helped people earn over $4.2 million dollars.

That’s about 140 days ago  and that equals out to be an average of $30,000 per day, 7 days a week in commissions.

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Here’s a Message From Dave Wood with his reflections on the last four wild, groundbreaking months:


“I was talking to my friend Chris last night, and I had one of those
‘aha’ moments. I used to go over to this guys house in Hawaii, use his shower, and sleep on his floor. (We would get rain storms from time to time, and had a leak in our Van roof from when I installed some clothes hangers – I’m not so much of the ‘handyman’ and tend to break things when I do stuff like that)
Anyways, Chris asked me a question, and I had to really stop and think about it…


…he said:


“David, did you really think, sleeping on my floor in Hawaii to get out of your wet, moldy van, that you would be paying people $30,000 a day in commissions just 3 years later?”


Then, I remembered back, and what it felt like when I joined my first internet
business. I was in a Safeway in Honolulu using their public internet, talking to another homeless guy who used to go there (another fairly intelligent weird guy) And I got a phone call from my friend Jay Tsougrianis. She got me into this company, and I started building my first internet business – right there, in Honolulu, outside of the back of a 1996 Dodge Caravan, parked on the roof of Safeway.


Did it work? Lol.


I think $30,000 a day is proof that the
answer is ‘yes‘.


However, it’s just the start. The plan is to be at $100,000 a day in commissions within 60 days from now.


Tonight , 3-20-2012, I’m going to show you how we’re going to do it.



* Live stream will be held on Tuesday, March 20th, at 9pm EST – until then,
feel free to enjoy the replay from the last live-stream.


Yes, the goal (I know, ridiculous – keep in mind, I’m a ‘Van Man’) is to pay YOU guys $100,000 a day in commissions


Can I do it?
Can I pay you $100,000 a day in commissions in the next 60 days? (that would be $36,500,000 per year in commissions, if I can)


* that’s a damned lot of commissions, even to a homeless man, who doesn’t like money very much.


Here’s what I do know. If I just help you earn 3 times more than what I did in the last four months, I would almost be there. Call that ‘Homeless Man’ math, but here’s the theory:
If you:


* Remember, replay will play until we’re live.


2. Apply what you learn there.


3. Learn the things that I learned, which obviously worked like crazy,
and apply them daily, and:


4. Get ‘all in’ with us,


Then we can do it, together.


If a homeless man can do it, can you do it?


(if you say ‘no’ I think your friends will laugh at your lack of confidence – really, think about it… Think of the last  homeless guy you gave $1 to – and then imagine him paying $30,000 in commissions 3 years later. Lol.


You’ve REALLY got to be on this live stream.)



I’ll see you tonight – we start at 9pm EST, sharpe.


* no pun intended.


-David Wood
“The Homeless Van Man,
who got Rich on the Internet”


Right now, I want you to think about where you are right now. What you’re doing. And realistically – where it’s taking you. Then I Want You To Watch This:


And think about where you could be.

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