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Empower Network Live Call (9PM Eastern Time)- RUTHLESS Income Creation

Join Us for tonight’s live Empower Hour Monday Night call.

Empower Network Live Call At 9 EST

Empower Network Live Call At 9

Empower Network Live Call

Monday, June 25 at 9pm EST

PHONE: (712) 432-0900

SECRET CODE: 260326#

Here’s a Message form Empower Network Co-Founder David Wood:

I wanted to share a powerful update with you.

As you probably caught from my video where I almost drowned, last week I was hanging out with a couple – Justin and D, and spending some time helping them with their marketing, and just otherwise relaxing (aside from the drowning part)


…something I’ve been meaning to get up for DAYS – I turned the camera on and started filming a conversation with D and my wife, about how the event in Atlanta changed her life.

I actually started crying during the conversation – this is one of those moments that…

…will CHANGE your perception :)

Check it out, and leave me your thoughts – this is the link you can share on Facebook – and all sales will track to YOU:

“Progress, Belief, and RUTHLESS Income Creation…”

  • Also, I have some very interesting affiliate stats on that page :)

Keep your eyes out for a few things:

  1. Tickets to San Diego are going to go on Sale any day, in the next day or two. We’re going to have a brief time where you can buy discounted tickets – keep an eye out for the details.
  2. If you want to come to the Costa Rica Masters retreat, we’re taking a select group and walking you through ‘higher level’ marketing strategies. This page is coming down, probably tomorrow – fax in your registration, because we only can fit 10 more people:

“The Costa Rica MASTER’S Retreat…”

  1. Tonight at 9pm EST, we’re having a call on ‘RUTHLESS’ income creation call, to spell out the plan for July. Read the details in today’s post:

“Progress, Belief, and RUTHLESS Income Creation…”

-David Wood “the Guru Slayer…”

Here’s the private call in number:

Empower Network Live Call At 9

Monday, June 25 at 9pm EST

PHONE: (712) 432-0900

SECRET CODE: 260326#

See you there :-)

PS. Check out this crazy ass video: Dave Wood Almost Drowns

The Empower Network  is now starting to hit a very high momentum and many people are starting to sit up and take notice. We now have signed up over 30,000 people in just 7 months! Empower Network is now listed in Npros and other major listing sites people are coming on board in droves. get in and get some of those for yourself! Empower Network is now in the top 805 sites in the world and the top 258 sites in the US as listed in Alexa!  catch the wave or get left behind…

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Empower Network Live Call

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