Creating True Financial Freedom Day 2 – Debt Elimination Software

I hope you have taken advantage of the tool that shows you how to save an average of $1,900 a month or $22,800 a year!
If you did not see the video for this tool, go to Business Savings Taxbot Tool and watch the short intro video.
Today you are going to Discover How to automate your budget and automate your spending so you can save hundreds,  and even thousands, every single month and pay off your debt much faster with this awesome debt elimination software!
I talk to people all the time about how to pay off debt and they all say they can “barely make their minimum monthly payments now” and that they “just don’t have any extra money to put towards paying off their debt.”
My number one answer to creating extra income, WITHOUT having to get a second or third job, is to start saving the money you are already making.
I simply start asking them if they even know where their money is going every month that is causing them to live paycheck to paycheck.
So, a few common questions I ask people who don’t understand why they run out of money before the end of the month:
1) How often do you eat out?

2) how much does it cost every time you eat out?

3) What is the total of all the times you eat out every month?
The average person I speak with spends anywhere from $300 to over $1,000 a month eating out!  OUCH!!
The next questions I ask:

4) What else do you like to do besides eat out?

5) How often do you [do whatever they answered in question #4]?

6) How much does it cost to [do whatever they answered in question #4]?
There are many things that people LIKE to do for entertainment, that if they just cut back one or two times a month, they could easily find an extra $100 a month to put towards paying off the dreaded debt that is costing them way too much money every month in interest payments.
Another example:
How about a truck driver who spent over $100 a month in junk foods just by having a habit of purchasing a soft drink and snack at every gas station he stopped
at throughout the month on his truck route.
There are so many stories of  how people spend hundreds of dollars every month and they don’t even realize where the money is going.
Well, now can you determine:
– what your monthly spending habits are…
– why you are running out of money before the end of the month…
– how to immediately turn this financial stress into fun as you SEE EXACTLY how you can pay off your debt smarter, instead of working harder, which will save you hundreds of dollars a month, and thousands of dollars a year, in interest payments.

Automate your debt reduction with this Debt Reduction Software…

You can use one VERY simple tool to see EXACTLY where your money is going, how you can save hundreds a month, how you can use that new saved money to pay off your debt a lot faster, and do ALL this automated!!
I used a tool, about 4 years ago, that TRIED to do what this tool actually does BUT it killed me because it was too complicated!
This tool is so easy that a 14 year old can see how it works!  LOL!
So …
Watch this short video to SEE how this tool can help you determine exactly where your are spending your hard earned income and show you EXACTLY how to save you YEARS and TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in interest payments, by paying off your debt MUCH SMARTER, NOT HARDER!
Timothy Langen
P.S. Tomorrow you are going todiscover how to save up to
22% off your monthly cell-phone bill WITHOUT changing YOUR current service or plan!!


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Debt Elimination Software


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Creating True Financial Freedom Day 2 – Debt Elimination Software.

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