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Daily Income Network – The CPA program they offered through ZNZ network was a novel approach to making money however the way ZNZ went about it was not very good. They recommended you pick a certain number of free offers like credit reports or dog training courses or Columbia CD / DVD of the month club etc and then you qualify to offer it to others and when others take their trial you get paid 30 bucks.

* Please Note The post below is an old post and I no longer actively promote or recommend ZNZ ONE as it has become very complicated and half the time people back out of the offers and you don’t get paid.

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Just by logging in and listening. Get Started now, log in and get those meters running! 
Get rich Radio, earn free cash online. Get Rich Radio

Here’s a link to a webinar that explains the whole concept:
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Just keep it running and refer as many free listeners as you can. The more free listeners you refer, the more you earn. They make all of their money from advertisers and the more listeners they have the more the company earns enabling them to be able to offer this FREE. Pretty darn cool.


Open it in a new window and put it on mute if you want and minimize but the show ofers great info. TO YOUR SUCCESS!

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Easy Business Today Presents Daily Income Network – Easy Free Home Business


Today I present to you a business that truly is an easy business you can start today FREE, Daily Income Network. If you have been strug­gling in your home busi­ness because everyone tells you they can’t afford to join your primary business  or you yourself are having trouble com­ing up with the money to join a com­pany, or maybe you just need a lit­tle extra money every week to pay they bills or have some fun with. Daily Income Network

Daily Income Network is by far the eas­i­est way to make money online quickly with ZERO cost to you. It seems too easy to be true but IT  REALLY WORKS!

It’s calledDaily Income Net­work (also known as My Free Cash Machine)

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FAQ Daily Income Network

Q. What are we selling? A. NOTHING!!! The best part of this sys­tem is that we aren’t sell­ing any­thing!! What we are doing is work­ing along side major for­tune 500 com­pa­nies to  intro­duce peo­ple to try their prod­ucts and ser­vices for a trial basis in hope that they gain more cus­tomers. For us sim­ply refer­ring some­one to a par­tic­u­lar com­pany they pay us a $20 com­mis­sion. That’s it. Simple. Daily Income Network Q. How much does this cost? A. Nada, Noth­ing, Zero, $0.00, ZIP = 100% Free These com­pa­nies are will­ing to let peo­ple try their products/service for free for a cer­tain amount of days and if they decided to keep the prod­uct or ser­vice then they will be billed monthly for that ser­vice. They can can­cel at any­time. They would pre­fer a poten­tial cus­tomer keep the trial for 80% of the trial period to ensure the cus­tomer expe­ri­enced the prod­uct or ser­vice for a decent amount of time to make sure they got all the ben­e­fits before they decide to cancel. Q. Do I have to give my credit card number? A. Yes. Daily Income NetworkThe rea­son is because these com­pa­nies are pay­ing us on “real” signups and to ensure you are who you say you are, they have to have a valid credit card on file. There is alot of fraud out there and they do want want to pay on bogus leads. Think about it, if you were pay­ing for refer­rals would you pay on “fake” leads? No, you would not. Q. Do I have to have experience? A. Nope. Any­one can do this. As long as you live in USA , Canada and the UK Q. When do I get Paid? A. Daily via Pay­pal. Once you refer some­one and they com­plete the trial offer the par­ent com­pany will pay you daily via Paypal. Q. How much can I make with Daily Income Network? A. How much do you want to make? That all depends on you. This sys­tem is designed for minium effort and max­i­mum results. Most peo­ple are mak­ing $100?s if not more daily work­ing only a few hrs weekly. Q. Can I work from home? A. Yup. We hate cubi­cles just as you, you can work any­where your heart desires, as long as you have con­nec­tion to the internet. Q. How many hours can I work at Daily Income Network? A. As many as you want. There are no set times and there are no set quo­tas to meet. You are the boss, you decide. Q. Is Daily Income Network a SCAM? A. Um, no! We rep­re­sent major For­tune 500 Com­pa­nies and not some fly by night busi­ness oppor­tu­nity with the latetst and great­est sales pitch. These com­pa­nies are uti­liz­ing a part of their adver­tis­ing bud­get to pay regualr peo­ple like me and you to spread the word about their ser­vices and are will­ing to pay you for doing so. Q. So what exactly will I be doing with Daily Income Network? A. What you will be doing is very sim­ple. Sim­ply post­ing small free clas­si­fied ads on the inter­net expos­ing peo­ple to this oppor­tu­nity. That’s it. You don’t have to sell any­thing, con­vince any­one, or talk to any­one (unless you want to). This sys­tem is auto­mated and all you have to do is copy and paste ads where we tell you to and sit back and col­lect cash. It’s just that simple. Click Here To Watch A Recorded Daily Income Network Webinar Click below to get started with your own Easy free Home Business Today

** Daily Income Net­work (Also known as My Free Cash Machine) is No Longer Recommended by easy business!


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