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Numis Network Compensation Plan Explained

Numis Network Comp Plan Video

The compensation plan of Numis Network has a unique multi-level marketing hybrid compensation structure which includes, Fast Start Bonuses, Retail Sales, a Binary Plan, Coded Bonuses, and Matching Enroller Bonuses. Each plays a roll in the overall success of the Numis Network Collector Representative.

This plan was the creation of  Chris Kent and Ian Cordell. Chris and Ian established International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. Under their leadership, IDSTC has become a premier provider of technology and software services for the direct selling industry with hundreds of clients throughout the world.

Their company has created the software and systems for over 300 network marketing companies over the last 10 years. They know what works and what doesn’t and they have combined the best of the best into the Numis Network Compensation Plan.

Below is a Video mapping out the awesome power of this great compensation plan done by my fantastic business partner Ray Higdon.  I think You’ll see why you should get started with Numis today!
This video breaks it down for you and your prospects, if you find it useful, please show me some love and retweet it and comment on it!

Now, this compensation plan is as of March 1st, 2010 detailing all ranks current (1star to 6star)

(To Reach Each Level You Have to Possess the Qualifications of Each Prior Level)

1 Star = 2 personal enrollees with 1 active on each leg

2 Star = 3 personal enrollees

3 Star = 6 personal enrollees

4 Star = 12 personal enrollees

5 Star = 15 personal enrollees, with minimum 10 of those personals 3 Star or above & 300 Actives on your pay leg in the binary

6 Star = 150,000 Total Monthly Personal Volume with no more than 50,000 coming from one personal enrollment leg.

Join Numis Network  Today and be a Part of the Fastest growing team in Numis PERIOD.

Hope that helps you all!

To your Success!


Tim Langen


Skype: timlangen47
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The Hulkster Goes MLM-John Cena Where Are You?

The Hulkster Joins Numis (Video Below)

Hulk Hogan has won the dubious award a record ...
Image via Wikipedia

All kinds of people are joining Numis Network. Believe it or Not, Hulk Hogan is one of them. Network marketing leaders in the health and wellness and Juice arena’s are quietly filtering over to Numis. Why? Probably due to burnout trying to build and rebuild and maintain their downlines in a bad economy. People start to question whether they really need that $100.00 or more vitamin order per month especially if they are struggling to get the same results achieved by their upline. Numis representatives tend to stick with their auto-ship even while they are struggling in the beginning.

That’s the totally awesome thing about Numis. Our auto ship is money. Collectible money. you can look up the same coin we get as a first auto ship item at shopnbc.com and see that they are charging more on their site than what we pay for our auto ship. Does that mean that that is what the value is at the time? No. It will vary from seller to seller but shopnbc.com is apparently making sales and a profit at this price or they would not have them there.

Hulk Hogan Has stepped into the Numis ring ready to do battle with the economy. I’m personally calling out John Cena to Join me in Numis and proclaim a Youtube Numis Battle royale. LOL. That would be cool wouldn’t it? Check out the Hulkster’s video below.

OK so there you have it.  So what’s stopping you from joining Numis Network?

Whatcha Gonna Do Brother?

Join The Fastest Growing Team in Numis Network and get our recorded  sponsoring and List Building Boot camps Free. Click Here Now . These boot camps are exclusive to our team in Numis. The Hulkster’s team is out of luck. Cena,  I’m waiting. We’ll kick the Hulk’s butt!

Check out the features of this wonderful home business and get paid to build a valuable coin collection. Click Here To View The Site And A Numis Network Video Presentation

Numis Now offers a 5 Year Money Back Guarantee on their Auto-Ship Coins from the coin of the month club.

The Industry’s BEST and ONLY Buy Back Guarantee:
Numis Network guarantees to buy back any coin purchased through our Silver Coin
of the Month Club, in 5 years, for 100% of the original purchase price!

Numis Network Website Now available in Spanish! Just click the drop down in the upper right hand corner to toggle between English and Spanish.

Everyone wants success in their Home Business. Get 3 free MP3?s that will help guarantee your success by plugging into the top prospecting trainer in the business, Dani Johnson.

To Your Massive Success!


Tim Langen

Phone: 484-284-0287

Skype: timlangen47

View A Presentation Detailing Numis Network’s Incredible Compensation Plan:http://easybusinesstoday.com/numis-comp-plan-explained/

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Are You A Collector? Numis Network Review

Do you collect stamps, fine wines, art or cars?

Clear Eagle
Image by sirqitous via Flickr

Maybe you should consider collecting assets?
What i mean here is collecting Coins! And Not just any coins but MS70 Mint state Silver and Gold Coins from government mints all over the world.

I am talking about Numis Network which is one of the only Network Marketing companies to open in international markets in under 3 months! Two of the three partners in Numis run a company that has  created the software and pay plans for over 400 other network marketing companies during the course of the last ten years and apparently decided to put together their own network marketing company using the best of the best of what works in a network marketing pay plan.

Their product is a refreshing change from the traditional health and wellness stuff that you find everywhere in Network Marketing. Considering this tell me what would you rather have a garage filled with? Juice,weight loss suppliments and vitamins or Gold and Silver collectible coins?

These are not just your run of the mill coins, these are Mint State, MS70 encapsulated Gold and Silver collectible museum qualitycoins.

Need I say more? Collect Gold and Silver Collectible coins now and have something of value to hand down to your children as well as a great business to pass on to them as well. My kids love opening the auto ship package each month to see what new coin has arrived.

You can check out their products and compensation plan at http:numisnetwork.com/goldsuccess/

The first auto-shipped cointhey send you is a perfect ANACS certified MS70
encapsulated Silver Eagle 1 dollar coin. These are beautiful coins and fun to collect for the whole family So If you are starting a collection, why not make it MONEY and make some money while you are doing it? Numis has a very generous pay plan for network marketing reps though the price tag is a bit high for average people to get started with at $499.00 plus 110.00 per month auto ship.

See how you can get started in an easy, low cost  home business with Infinity Downline Home Business. It is $25 dollars and is an easy enough business that anyone can do it.

Now remember people join people not opportunities and you need to be able to provide some value to your prospects to make them want to join you! The awesome thing about joining our team is that we provide you with instant value and a system that works  to build this business that anyone can follow and no one outside of our team provides this. Check out the benefits of being part of our team in Infinity Downline by Clicking Here

Beware!  There are a couple of groups out there claiming they’ll build your downline for you. When you run across these characters RUN! It is total BS! We have run into many people who have fallen prey to these scheisters and have then quit when they realized no one was going to build their business for them and they then came on board with us. We won’t build your business for you but we’ll provide the tools and the exact action steps you need to take in building your business.

If you can spare 1 to 2 hours a day and do what our training and use the many free tools and systems we use you will succeed! Check out our team resources by clicking here and remember this is available for you to offer everyone who joins you as part of our team and so on down the line.

To Your Infinite Success!


Tim Langen

Phone: 610-837-2955

Skype: timlangen47

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Why You Should Choose Numis Network

Five reasons why you need to take advantage of the growing trend of collecting gold and silver and building true walk away from your job residual wealth.

Many people are looking at Numis Network because they heard the buzz spreading around the Social Networks in regards to Gold and Silver.

I did not jump into Numis Network without doing some proper research first. I came from a Health & Wellness company and due to the present economy my once thriving business was dwindling away.

People were discontinuing their auto-shipments as they could  no longer could justify over a hundred dollars a month for vitamins. No offense to the die-hards out there still promoting juices and vitamins but it was time to face the facts. Most people don’t take a handful of vitamins a day. Not even body builders!

The Top 5 Reasons I Joined Numis Network:

  1. Our Product is Money. If I pulled up to your house with a car full of  vitamins and juice and offered you all you want free how much would you take? Probably not much. If I did the same thing with a car full of Gold and Silver Coins how much would you take? You’d probably take my car apart looking for every last one!
  2. The Economy and the trends of Gold and Silver. Lets face it. Gold and Silver is really the only true currency in the world today. Everywhere you turn you see ads for  “We Buy Gold”.  Even Sears and k-Mart are talking about adding We Buy Gold departments.
  3. The Team Takeover System: You hear about “Systems” in many companies, but this system is WORKING. No more explaining, presenting, chasing… all I do is invite and the system is doing the rest. My team has grown tremendously  in less than 60 days, so I can honestly say the system works!
  4. The NumisDream Team! I was fortunate enough to stumble into the team with 3 of the top producers in Numis Network who have locked arms and are giving their all to make sure their whole team succeeds in making this a business with true walk away income for everyone involved. Do you wan to work 40 years making money for someone else while you just barely scrape by every month?
  5. The Numis Founders: The founders of this company each have a truly impressive resume. Chris Kent and Ian Cordell have owned and operated a company called IDSTC (Internation Direct Selling Technology Corporation) and have helped over 400 MLM companies  design and implement their compensation plans and back offices.  They took the best of what works and implemented it in the Numis Pay Plan and back office system. Jake Kevorkian was such a massive success as a Network marketing distributor that he went on to purchase the company and was owner for 12 years until he sold it to his partner.  As if this was not enough, Numis has THE TOP NUMISMATIC COIN SALESMAN and numismatic authority Mike Mezack. You’ve seen him on HSN where he has done over 100 million dollars in sales in a year and over the course of his 20 year career has generated 1 billion dollars in sales. He is now promoting coin sales in our personal Shopnumis websites!
  6. My Name is Tim Langen and I’m an Internet Marketer and Coach in Numis. I instruct people how to succeed online with their Numis Home Business and Internet marketing . I also run a website hosting company online for the last 11 years and provide free website hosting for those who choose to work with me. I also provide support choosing domain names setting up blogs and emails for my associates. The web hosting package by itself is a $200.00 per year value that you will not likely find offered by any other Numis representative.

    Watch the Below Video to Learn About the ONLY Network Marketing Company Dealing in Silver and Gold Collectible Coins! Get a Free coin each month By Promoting this Company and Possibly Earn a Serious Income on top of that.

    Numis Network is the World’s First Graded Gold and Silver Home Business. To Have a Gold and Silver Coin MLM Business Right Now is to get in on the  Huge Trend of People Interested in Gold and Silver. Numis Network is Poised to Make a Lot of People, A Whole Lot of Money! Before You Join Numis Network, Enter Your Name and Email to See What it is All About!Ray is one of Numis Network’s Top 5 star reps and is a Great guy. He is in my direct upline and gets very involved with helping me and every othe rep in his downline.

    Enter your Info below To Take a serious look at the video for a no fluff, show me the money explanation of the fantastic pay plan and our company.

    Simply enter your Name, Email and Phone #(optional) to receive the Video.

    We Hate SPAM! We won’t share your email address with anyone!

    Opt-out at ANYTIME!

    Easily & Instantly:

    Get Free Silver Assets!

    Build an Income!

    Intercept the Huge Trend of Gold and Silver!

How To Succeed With Numis Network

Numis Network is an awesome opportunity with a great pay plan but may be a bit above the means of many people at 500.00 to start. If You want complete business for $25.00 to start that pays you 100% commissions directly into your bank account, Click Here NOW!
For More info On Numis Watch the video below…

Creating Income And Collecting Assets With Numis Network

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs, Tim Langen Here … I just had the best 5 day’s ever in my “Numis Network” home business and if you want to see just how I did it, you must follow the steps below.

1)  You Must Have a Burning Desire to make positive change in your life.

2) You Must  Be Coachable and willing to step out of your comfort zone.

3)  You Must Be ready to take Action right Now.

4)  Click on the link below and approve the Application on your FaceBook account.

“I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore”

5) Next  Watch the Video all the way through.

6)  Fill out the form with your contact information.

7)  I will personally call you back and help you get started on working towards your Fortune!

Only Government Approved Home Business

Have You Heard About Empower Network Yet?

…Empower Network has now paid out $584,499.20 in just
10 short days :-D

…Empower Network has helped 4236 people set up blogs…

…and Empower Network has helped people create $304,076
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…in only 10 days :D

…Paid directly into members bank accounts!

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Tim Langen






Numis Network UK Launch Webinars

Numis Network UK Launch Webinars

Our Team in Numis Network is doing some UK Launch Webinars that you can check
out, they are talking about our global expansion into the United Kingdom.

We Signed Up Over 100 New Reps From The UK Yesterday On The First Day!


Numis Pre-Launch – UK Is Live. UK Network Marketers, How many people do you think you could get to enroll for only £1 in 60 days? Get in now and build yourself the biggest group you can in this 60 day period & start off Nov. in profit and getting free silver delivered to your Door! If you’re in the UK, Join Numis Today! http://joinnumis.com/goldsuccess Click change market in the upper right corner and select The UK

Join as an Executive today. Get your Numis Success System together with the Fast Track Collector’s Kit.

Even though you’ll be able to join as an Executive Representative for only £1, you still get all the online tools you’ll need to help you to maximize your team’s growth during this Pre-Launch period.


Numisnetwork.com/your name – Your own ecommerce website with shopping cart and representative enrollment.
Shopnumis.com/your name-Your own retail website designed to promote the Fast Track Collector’s Kit and our extensive catalog of graded silver and gold coins.
Numisone.com/your name – Your own specialized opportunity site with lead capture.
Numis Online Marketing System – Your own contact management system integrated with your Numis websites for lead capture and time-sequenced email marketing campaigns.
Back Office Business Center -Tracks your business details, including compensation, sales team growth, reporting, and much more.


To Your Unending Success!

Tim Langen


Skype timlangen47

PS : Check Out A Quick 6 Minute Numis Network Overview CLICK HERE


Numis Launches In The United Kingdom LIVE NOW!

Numis Network is an awesome opportunity with a great pay plan but may be a bit above the means of many people at 500.00 to start. If You want complete business for $25.00 to start that pays you 100% commissions directly into your bank account, Click Here NOW!
For More info On Numis Watch the video below…


Numis Launches In The United Kingdom

Live NOW, people in the UK will be able to ‘pre-enroll’ for one pound (about $2-3 in us currency)

For Those in The UK wishing to Pre-enroll In Numis Network Click Here  and then in the upper Right Corner click Change Market and Select United Kingdom.Numis UK

This is a pre-launch situation which starts on September 1st and the official UK launch will be in November. For now,people in the UK desiring to join the fastest Growing Team in Numis  can grab their spot with us for only one pound and then bring on whoever they want in the UK, US or Canada and then in November we will be doing the full launch. This gives those of you in the UK a full month to build a team of people at almost no cost allowing you to start off with a big profit by the official UK Launch!

UPDATE! As I type this post I see that the UK launch site is already LIVE! Go to Numis Network Now and click on change market at the top right of the screen and select United Kingdom and get yourself started for a pound today and start building your team.


When you join Numis Network today for only £1 you are securing your position at the absolute ground floor level of our company’s expansion into the U.K. – Europe – and the rest of the world. Your timing could not possibly be better! You get to be one of the first people in the country to be part of our explosive growth. Don’t miss this impeccable timing.

Even though you’ll be able to join as an Executive Representative for only £1, you still get all the online tools you’ll need to help you to maximize your team’s growth during this Pre-Launch period.


Pre-Launch is from September 1, 2011 to October 31, 2011.

Numis Network U.K. goes ‘Live’ on November 1, 2011.

Your credit card will be charged only £1 as your Executive registration fee today.

During Pre-Launch, you will have the ability to enroll others in the U.K. and also in the U.S.A. & Canada.

Eligible commissions earned during this Pre-Launch period will be paid after the ‘Go Live’ date.

You will be paid once you have activated your position with the purchase of your Numis Success System and the Fast Track Collector’s Kit, which immediately qualifies you at the rank of Executive.

(See the detailed explanation of the compensation plan in our NumisNetwork.com website.)

Don’t miss out on this smashing opportunity. Remember, during Pre-Launch, every second counts.

If you are in the UK and you are looking to join a  fast growing team with to be reckoned with it’s now your time.  But, get in quickly.  Feel free to contact me at:

Tim langen

Phone: 484-241-6497

Skype: timlangen47

Email: t...@easybusinesstoday.com

Making A Ton Of Money With Numis Network’s Matching Legacy Coded Bonus!

Once upon a time back in the 1990’s when some of you were still in grade school or todlers, there was a Network Marketing company called Excel Communications. Now in Excel there existed a wonderful bonus plan called the coded matching bonus which helped network marketers in Excel earn enormous monthly checks. Many said it was because they had such a great product. Though they did have a very good product, that was not really the reason people were able to build their residual incomes to such amazing levels.

Excel is now unfortunately gone because  their product, long distance phone service, became  obsolete due much in part to the emergence of VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.  Had they had a better product that would stand the test of time  I am sure their company would be far exceeding the ranks of other giants like Amway and Herbalife.

The Matching Coded Bonus in Excel is what enabled people to make incredible amounts of money monthly.  I had  heard stories about teachers and warehouse workers building seven figure monthly incomes.Many people were also able to build  seven figure annual incomes, and an unheard of number of people  were able to build six figure incomes for the first time in their lives due to this ground breaking pay structure.

Numis Network founders, Ian Cordell and Chris Kent, established International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. Under their leadership, IDSTC has become a premier provider of technology and software services for the direct selling industry with hundreds of clients throughout the world. They have created the pay plans for for hundreds of  existing Network marketing companies over the last 10 years. They have combined the best of the best of pay plan systems including the The coded matching bonus into numis Network’s Pay Plan.

See the video below to learn the true power of this one part of the Numis Network  pay Plan. This Great pay plan combined with a really cool product , Gold and Silver, which will not go out of style, and one that no one would mind a garage full of,  make Numis Network the Business to be in for this century!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JubsJKBHv9k[/youtube] My Mentor and Teammate Ray Higdon shares the skinny on this powerful part of our pay plan.

Join Numis today and be part of the fastest growing teams within numis network. Check out our team website at http://numisprosperitymastermind.com We have a team within Numis that includes the 2 top income earners who take an active role in helping us all through our team site, through webinars and live events. Our team within numis network is now 1846 strong! Join us today and learn how to get free monthly silver and gold delivered to your mailbox.

To Your Unending Success!

Tim Langen


Skype timlangen47

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Join Us For Tonight’s Webinar!

Learn How to Make Money From Home

Aug 23, 2011 to Jul 31, 2012 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

Learn how empowered entrepreneurs are making money in this economy with the gold and silver trend

Register : https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/460294610

You will also  learn: Win a free cruise with Numis Network
How to Win a Cruise, and Earn an additional $150 – $300/week by doing what you are already doing.

If you are a w-2 employee, you are losing between $20 per day and $400 per month unless you know the new rules of the IRS.

Learn How to Save $400+ Per Month in Taxes By Having A Home Business.

The economy is going crazy but Silver and Gold have been on a steady rise.
The rich collect assets. The poor collect debt. Which do you want to be?

Sign up here  to get started with the fastest growing team in Numis Network now!
Numis Network to Launch in the UK!
The Numis UK Invasion Starts September 1st! I cannot wait to get started in Europe and build this Numis Business like crazy. I have been asked by many people on my list who live in the UK that have been chomping at the bit to get going with Numis and it all is going to start on Numis Network In The UK September 1st!

September 1st we are going to start the pre-launch and then the official launch will be on November 1st. If you are in the UK or know someone who is, you will be able to grab your spot in Numis Network on September 1st. More to come on this =).


Like Free Autoship?
Numis announced it’s “Refer Three Get Yours Free” Silver coin of the month program. If you bring in 3 RETAIL customers (not executives) you get your autoship for free! Here is the cool part, other companies Numis Silver Coin Of The Month Club make you get new customers every month to get your product for free, with Numis Network, so long as you have 3 people buying the coin of the month as a retail customer, you get your coin for free! By the way, if you refer 6, you get TWO COINS for free and so on and so forth. Frigging awesome!


This is going to be a Wild End Of The Year!
Let’s Build YOUR Dream Together,




Click Here to learn about the only Government approved way to make money on facebook! [You’ll need to approve the app to view the presentation on facebook]

To Your Massive Success!


Tim Langen

Phone: 484-284-0287

Skype: timlangen47

Numis Network Global Expansion Continuing  With The Addition Of The United Kingdom!

Announced at the yearly Numis Network convention in Tampa this weekend, as of September first we will be open for business with our friends across the pond! Numis is gearing up for the momentum phase and those who Join The Team Now will reap the benefits for many years to come. Did I mention Numis has a 5 year buy back guarantee on our products? What other Network Marketing Company does that?

Check out the video’s below. The 1st shows our most popular product, The MS70 2011 Silver Eagle. The second video tells you more about the Numis Network home business and our fantastic Buy Back Guarantee. I look forward to making some great new friends and business partners in the UK!


Collect Assets – Have Fun – Make A Lot Of Money!
P.S. If you want a simple step by step way to build a list, an online presence, and make money from social media. Click Here to learn about the only Government Approved way to make money on facebook! [You’ll need to approve the app to view the presentation on Facebook]
To Your Massive Success!


Tim Langen

Phone: 484-284-0287

Skype: timlangen47

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