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Having A Life While Working at Home

Having A Life While Working at Home

If you have a home business you may be like I was and are online constantly doing all kinds of crazy stuff trying to build your business, getting sidetracked by all kinds of crazy ads and gimmicks that you get bombarded with that will supposedly explode your business.

In this quick post I am going to share with you the main secret to building a business while having a life.  A top income earner and mentor of mine gave me this bit of wisdom and it holds very true in every business. What he told me is ” The number 1 thing you have to do in your business is RECRUIT, The number 2 thing you need to do is RECRUIT, Number 3, RECRUIT.  I heard it so much that I sort of ignored it. prospecting

What I really didn’t understand was that is all you really need to do. I finally started to get it when I started following Dani Johnson. She taught me that 80 percent of my time whether it be 2 or 4 hours per day needs to be prospecting. Not doing presentations, not doing a million 3 way calls, not taking incoming calls from your team members, not doing all that stuff during prime time business building time.

You need to focus all of your attention on prospecting during that time of day. What this does is that it lowers stress and focuses your attention on what really builds your business and brings in the most amount of money in the shortest period of time and obviously brings in the most people and creates the most duplication because you will teach your team to do the same thing in focusing on what matters. Prospecting!

The true definition of a leader is leading by example and if you lead with the activity that produces the most results, your team will do the same thing and create the highest level of duplication.

If you are really freaked out by talking to people on the phone I suggest you visit Dani Johnson website and sign up for her free trainings. The scripts she teaches and the way she shows you to use them takes all the fear and frustration out of phone prospecting and makes your prospects feel much more comfortable and open to what you are trying to show them.

To Your Empowered Success!

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Timothy Langen
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Building Your Home Business Challenge

Building Your Home Business Challenge

A friend and mentor of mine had a life changing event that forced him to take action and make his Home Business succeed and this simple strategy can and will work for you if you can leave your doubts at the door and just follow it.

My Friend had gone to the doctor and received the news that within 24 to 36 months he Home Business Challenge would most likely die of this terminal disease. He had a very small income and very little savings and he realized right then and there that if he were to die as the doctor said, he’d be leaving his wife and children virtually penniless and he just could not do that!

He quit his job and proceeded to build a 15,000.00 per month home business creating an income that would continue whether he was there or not. How did he do this? He realized he had nothing to lose and letting his wife and children down was not an option! He left his ego and his excuses that had hindered him in the past behind and he built a plan for marketing his home business every day and followed the advice of mentors in his company exactly.

Incidentally the best part is that he survived! He went through months of chemo with some experimental drugs and it worked. While he was going through all of this, while feeling weak and nauseated, he continued to work and build and grow his business to 18,000.00 per month because failure was not an option!

Your Home Business Challenge

Pick the most important person in your life and imagine that you have gone to the doctor with this person and the doctor comes out and tells you that unless this person has a $100,000.00 surgery within 12 to 24 months this person WILL DIE. 

You can not beg, borrow or steal the money. What are you going to do and when are you going to get started. Go through this exercise and imagine how sad you will be losing this person because you allowed your excuses to stop you from building a business that would raise the money for the surgery.

Imagine having to tell this person, “I’m sorry but I let my petty excuses  kill you!” I’m sorry but I love my Starbucks coffee and spent 5 dollars per day, $150.00 per month on my coffee instead of spending it on training and building a business that would have saved your life.

We have to live with every decision we make and realize that every petty excuse we hold onto for not taking action has a consequence. You have to flip that switch in your mind and Take Action. No second guessing, no quitting, no but’s or excuses! You have the ability to save your Loved one or let them die. Which one is it? 

This is the perfect time for this exercise with the year coming to a close. What will you do in 2012 to save your loved one? The clock starts ticking NOW…

People give up or lose faith because they come to the conclusion that our destiny is out of our hands and this is simply not the case. You can and will make a difference in your life and the life of your loved ones if you stick your neck out and take action.

Are you ready to use this exercise to push past the petty excuses that you are allowing to hold you back from success in your home business?

I Double Dog Dare You!

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Free Home Business Bootcamp

In this series of blog posts I will be covering how to successfully promote this Easy Free Home Business Called My Free Cash Machine. I was very skeptical when I first heard about it but two very trustworthy teammates of mine in Numis were having great success with this and I thought I’d give it a try. Much to my surprise and delight it worked as advertised. This has been a great thing for me as I work with leads and many people either truly don’t or say they don’t have enough money to get involved with Numis because of the signup cost.

MyFreeCashMachine gives people the ability to put money in their pocket in very short period of time without costing them anything. Keep in mind here that there is an option to make residual income as well as the $20.00 commission payments if they are willing to plop down a whopping 10 bucks a month for their own domain name and hosting through GDI. More about that in future boot-camps but for the Craigslist posting it is necessary that you have your own domain name and hosting account as they will flat out block your post if you try using your affiliate capture page link. They do not allow affiliate links.

Now if You Join MyFreeCashMachine and for some reason you decide not to use GDI from within your myfreecashmachine system because you just can’t spend 10 bucks a month, I can offer you Hosting for $5.95 per month but you need to register your own domain name. I can get you that for 10 bucks per year. Same price as Godaddy. This hosting allows you to add 2 domains, 100 megs of space and unlimited email accounts.  This offer is only available to those who sign up with me in myfreecashmachine and complete one trial offer qualifying them to earn commissions.If you Decide not to Use the GDI part of the Business You’ll be leaving money on the table in the form of residual income.

Now On to the Video tutorial for Craigslist and Backpage.com:

[youtube width=”525″ height=”444″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X88tjaMn9A[/youtube]

In the video I did a normal text ad post in Backpage. You can use the same method with image ads in backpage in the business opportunity section.

Click Here to download the text file with the code snippets I used in the video and remember to change the first link to your own!

Watch for the next bootcamp as I am going to show you how to use your own domain to mask and point to your different MyFreeCashMachine capture pages to use in different situations.

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meanddeb Maintaining Your Sanity With A Home Business

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Free Home Business Opportunity:

Below I’ll detail a Free Home Business Opportunity for those who really can not afford to join a Home business. And the great thing is that it actually WORKS!

So if you have no business or you just need something to offer those who can not afford your $400 to $500 dollar business The Daily Income Career Network is the right opportunity at the right time for really everyone.

This works even if you are currently strug­gling in your Home Business, or if people tell you they  can’t afford to join your primary Home Business. This free little home business can get money rolling in for people who have little or nothing to invest and will make them much more likely to join your primary business as they start making some money with this freebie!

This is by far the eas­i­est way to make money online quickly with no cost to you. It seems too easy to be true but IT  REALLY WORKS!

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Q. What are we selling?

A. NOTHING!!! The best part of this sys­tem is that we aren’t sell­ing any­thing!! What we are doing is work­ing along side major for­tune 500 com­pa­nies to  intro­duce peo­ple to try their prod­ucts and ser­vices for a trial basis in hope that they gain more cus­tomers. For us sim­ply refer­ring some­one to a par­tic­u­lar com­pany they pay us a $20 com­mis­sion. That’s it. Simple.

Q. How much does this cost?

A. Nada, Noth­ing, Zero, $0.00, ZIP = 100% Free

These com­pa­nies are will­ing to let peo­ple try their products/service for free for a cer­tain amount of days and if they decided to keep the prod­uct or ser­vice then they will be billed monthly for that ser­vice. They can can­cel at any­time. They would pre­fer a poten­tial cus­tomer keep the trial for 80% of the trial period to ensure the cus­tomer expe­ri­enced the prod­uct or ser­vice for a decent amount of time to make sure they got all the ben­e­fits before they decide to cancel.

Q. Do I have to give my credit card number?

A. Yes.

The rea­son is because these com­pa­nies are pay­ing us on “real” signups and to ensure you are who you say you are, they have to have a valid credit card on file. There is alot of fraud out there and they do want want to pay on bogus leads. Think about it, if you were pay­ing for refer­rals would you pay on “fake” leads? No, you would not.

Q. Do I have to have experience?

A. Nope. Any­one can do this. As long as you live in USA , Canada and the UK

Q. When do I get Paid?

A. Daily via Pay­pal. Once you refer some­one and they com­plete the trial offer the par­ent com­pany will pay you daily via Paypal.

Q. How much can I make?

A. How much do you want to make? That all depends on you. This sys­tem is designed for minimum effort and max­i­mum results. Most peo­ple are mak­ing $100?s if not more daily work­ing only a few hrs weekly.


Q. Can I work from home?

A. Yes. We despise cubi­cles just as much as you do. You will be able to work anyw­here your heart desires, as long as you can connect to the internet.


Q. How many hours can I work?

A. As many as you want. There are no set times and there are no set quo­tas to meet. You are the boss, you decide.

Q. Is this a SCAM?

A. Um, no! We rep­re­sent major For­tune 500 Com­pa­nies and not some fly by night busi­ness oppor­tu­nity with the latest and great­est sales pitch. These com­pa­nies are uti­liz­ing a part of their adver­tis­ing bud­get to pay regular peo­ple like me and you to spread the word about their ser­vices and are will­ing to pay you for doing so.

Q. So what exactly will I be doing?

A. What you will be doing is very sim­ple. Sim­ply post­ing small free clas­si­fied ads on the inter­net expos­ing peo­ple to this oppor­tu­nity. That’s it. You don’t have to sell any­thing, con­vince any­one, or talk to any­one (unless you want to). This sys­tem is auto­mated and all you have to do is copy and paste ads where we tell you to and sit back and col­lect cash. It’s just that simple.

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To Your Massive Success!


Tim Langen

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Below is a link to an article I found on The New York Times website with a short blurb from the article. This sickens me!

With Silver Soaring, Attics Give Up Small Fortunes

Published: May 1, 2011
Finally, that great-aunt’s tarnished tea service can be put to use — no polishing needed. As investors send prices soaring for not only gold, but now also silver, consumers have been unearthing ancient stashes of silverware, teapots and jewelry from long-discarded beaus, and trading them in at pawn shops or selling them on eBay for cash. More and more cash, in fact, as weeks go by…

STOP! What’s wrong with this picture? The sad fact is that millions of Sell me Your Assets! Americans are getting swindled out of their assets and family treasures by companies paying pennies on the dollar for their Gold and Silver!

Just why are you seeing so many ads out there saying we buy gold and silver?  They are capitalizing on people who are hurting and getting rich on these folks assets.

The rich in this country aren’t selling their assets, they’re collecting more assets! Wake up people. You’ve been sold a bill of goods from the day you were born that you need to get a good job and work your tail off for someone else for 40 or so years and then you can retire.

From what I am seeing there aren’t many people retiring completely anymore. They just can’t afford to. The reality is that everyone has the ability, the right, and the obligation to stop buying the bill of goods the government and society has been teaching them from day one. It’s time to stand on your own two feet and break out on your own and start a home business. We all owe this to our families and future generations.

I for one, can not in good faith, sell my kids on this old worn out work 40 years until you retire plan that does not work. I could not live with myself if I did. Everyone can do this. It is cheaper than opening a franchise and the business is ready made for you with websites and marketing etc. There are many many network marketing home based businesses available and the fact is that they work if you are willing to work at them as if you were working for your boss.

Anyone who wants to change their current situation badly enough, can and will do what it takes to come up with the Low ‘tax deductible’ start up money to launch their own home business and break this terrible cycle.

Are you destined to be Dead or Dead broke by age 65? Will you be the next grocery store checker or Walmart greeter because you can’t afford to live on what you get from your retirement fund?

If you think you really don’t have the money, plug into the free training Here Provided by Dani Johnson, to learn how anyone can pay off their debts and free up enough to launch a successful home business. Dani has recently been featured on secret Millionaire, Oprah, and The View and has helped thousands of people to realize their true potential and freed them from the 40 year plan thinking that condemns us to the dead or dead broke status by age 65.

Your mind is like a parachute. It only works if it is OPEN! Open your mind and commit yourself to starting a home business for yourself and the future generations of your family and accept no failure. There are thousands upon thousands of people succeeding at this right now and YOU can be the next.

Pick a business that resonates with you or join us and learn how to Collect Assets, Make Money and Have Fun while doing it! Take action today and launch into the solution for your Future Numis Network Home Business and your family’s future! Click Here For 3 Easy Steps To Success.

You owe it to your family and future generations not to become just another statistic of our current failed economic system. Learn it do it and teach your children well.

To Your Massive Success!


Tim Langen

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How To Get Your New Rep Started Right

Many in the Network Marketing industry refer to residual income but few actually reach this level. Why is this? The main reason is failure to plug their reps into a system that gives them a step by step roadmap and assigning them homework and holding their feet to the fire.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to be having to baby sit for your reps or do their work for them but you must help them get off to a good start and show them how to do what you are doing or how to become even better than you! This is the power and the essence of network marketing.You must first realize that it’s not about you! The sooner you learn to help raise others up and improve their lives, the closer you will get to that Holy Grail of residual income.

So You’ve signed up your new representative. Right away you should give them an assignment to complete and follow up with them the next day to make sure they have done it. Then give them another set of steps to complete and follow up.  Hopefully your team within your business has a step by step blueprint.

I use our team training site within our company and as a great additional resource I plug them into the training by Dani Johnson. Her site offers a huge training vault that will knock years off the learning curve of your new reps and for a Meager 4 bucks a month you just can’t beat it.

I encourage them to listen to at least an hour a day of this training as this will help equip them to move their business forward.  For their first assignment I get them to listen to a specific call on the site and watch a video. When I talk to them the next day I’ll ask them what they learned from the call and video.

When the new rep demonstrates that he is teachable and is able to follow directions, I proceed with training and strongly recommend that he purchases the foundational sales tools at danijohnson.com and registers for the next live event. The people on your team who demonstrate that they can follow these  steps will be the ones with the most results in the shortest period of time. Follow this procedure with all of your reps and your business and theirs will be well on the way to that residual income!

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To Your Massive Success!


Tim Langen

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Your Easter Bunny:

Numis Network Easter Special

The Silver Australian ‘Year of the Rabbit’,
perfectly graded MS70 .9999 pure silver coin.

The 2011 Silver Australian ‘Year of the Rabbit’ makes the perfect Easter gift for your loved ones. The intricate artistic detail of the mother and baby bunny displayed on the reverse of this coin is truly remarkable. Each wisp of fur is clearly visible in the image of these delicate creatures and reflects the gentle nature inherent to those born in the Year of the Rabbit. The design also incorporates the Chinese symbol for ‘Rabbit’ and has the words ‘Year of the Rabbit’ inscribed below the image.

Get Lucky?
The rabbit is internationally known as a symbol of good fortune. (That’s where the idea of a lucky rabbit’s foot comes from.) And, whether you believe in it or not, in these trying times, who couldn’t use a bit more good luck?

Want more than luck? How about building a business that will allow you to walk away from your job and spend more time with the ones you love?

Check out the features of this wonderful home business and get paid to build a valuable coin collection. Click Here To View The Site And A Numis Network Video Presentation

Numis Now offers a 5 Year Money Back Guarantee on their Auto-Ship Coins from the coin of the month club.

The Industry’s BEST and ONLY Buy Back Guarantee:
Numis Network guarantees to buy back any coin purchased through our Silver Coin
of the Month Club, in 5 years, for 100% of the original purchase price!

Numis Network Website Now available in Spanish! Just click the drop down in the upper right hand corner to toggle between English and Spanish.

Everyone wants success in their Home Business. Get 3 free MP3’s that will help guarantee your success by plugging into the top prospecting trainer in the business, Dani Johnson.

To Your Massive Success!


Tim Langen

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Skype: timlangen47

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Numis Home Business Information

Numis Network Home Business Webinar with 5 year Auto-Ship Buy Back Guarantee!

Does Your network Marketing business have a guarantee to buy back your auto ship items at the price you paid for them if they have not increased in value?  I thought not!  :)

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How Do You Start A Network Marketing Business?

Network Marketing is basically referral marketing with a very powerful twist. Once you join you have become a distributor for their product or service. You also make money by recruiting others to be in your team. This is the great power of Network marketing.

In a company with a well designed pay plan you get rewarded on the efforts of those you introduce into the business which in turn gives you great incentive to help them be successful. this is a win win situation.


Image via Wikipedia

The company I am involved in, as an example, you earn a one hundred dollar fast start commission on everyone you personally sponsor. After the 3rd person I am 100% matched to everyone I have personally sponsored. So when they generate a 100.00 fast start by signing someone up, I also get a 100.00 paycheck. Can you see how powerful this is and how motivating it can be for me to help this person succeed? I am then also matched to each of the 1st 3 people that my personally sponsored people bring in, and their first three etc. to infinity! Very cool.

The important thing is knowing that the plan is not shelling out to much to be able to succeed forever. In our plan only 2 people are being paid at one time for each generated sale.We also get paid binary monthly commissions generated from the monthly auto ship sale each of my customers/reps receives.

All LEGAL Network marketing companies have an auto-ship product as well as a direct sale aspect. The good ones, like ours, have retail sales websites to also sell product direct to people who just want to be customers and include professionally done sales videos on the site. this also generates a commission for the representative.

Very few people are natural salesman but just about everyone can make a couple of personal sales and very simply point people to an online presentation and build their own sales team. This is what helps you quickly grow so that you can actually earn a walk away from your job income in 1 to 3 years if you just use a simple system that anyone can duplicate as we do.

The main thing is to find the right company. There are thousands of network marketing companies out there with new ones popping up every day  Beware of any company that does not have a real product to sell.

Choose a stable company that offer real products or services that you can believe in. Something that you would not be ashamed to promote or approach people about.

Once you have found the right company for you and signed up, spend a little time familiarizing yourself but don’t make a career out of training! Good Network Marketing Companies will have an easy to follow system that will get you into profit quickly.  Use their system. Ours is modeled from the techniques the top earners are using to build their business and it is very simple and straight forward.

You don’t want to join under someone who tells you that you have to build a website or become an internet marketing guru. That is just not something everyone can do and for those who can, the learning curve will tend to be longer and will build frustration for lack of quick results.

To Your Massive Success!


Tim Langen

Phone: 484-284-0287

Skype: timlangen47

View A Presentation Detailing Numis Network’s Incredible Compensation Plan: http://easybusinesstoday.com/numis-comp-plan-explained/

PS Discover How Anyone From 18 To 80 Can Use Our Method To Build a Walk Away From your Job Income In 12 to 36 Months without having to be an internet marketing guru. Request Your Free Audio CD HERE

mlm sponsorYes, I am ready to get the script-book on closing more professionals into my business. I fully understand that following this script will result in me making more money and feeling less awkward when talking to prospects. I will head over to the page to Download the Little Black Book of Scripts right now.


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Ameriplan Going Under?

Having Trustworthy ownership is a big part of being involved in Network Marketing.  Just discovered this  post about Ameriplan at: http://ameriplan-usa.pissedconsumer.com/ameriplan-just-terminated-about-900-ibos-20110217222242.html

Word out is that AmeriPlan is in the stages of going under. This week they terminated about 900 IBOs. Appears that they were IBOs making money, but not producing enough cash to AmeriPlan in last couple months. One person commented that due to a significant number of law suits AmeriPlan is not able to pay, they are folding up shop. That would make sense as one way to keep as much money as possible is to stop paying it out to the IBOs and keep it as long as possible then file Chap 11. Oh, and they immediately changed the websites for those IBOs to become lead generation sites for the company – dirty pool!! I was one of the 900 – their contract says they can terminate “without cause”. That’s what they did.


I am very thankful that with Numis Network, our ownership actually runs the company, IDSTC,  that has created the software and pay-plans for over 400 network marketing companies over the last 10 years. They have taken the best of the best of what works and included it all in the Numis Network comp plan to insure we are here for the long run.

They have also just changed the Compensation plan to give the representatives an even easier time succeeding in the business and the change resulted in an instant pay raise for those who are actively working the business. See my post detailing the upgrade we got in January: http://easybusinesstoday.com/numis-reps-just-got-a-raise-did-you/

I feel for the Ameriplan Reps who are getting squeezed by the company. I was previously involved in a financial wellness company and had built quite a large organization and had some great monthly residual income and the company decided to pull the plug on the network marketing aspect and go direct sales. This resulted in the company stealing all of the clients we worked hard to bring in and kept all the profits for themselves.

This experience kept me away from Network marketing for 2 years until I had done my research and became convinced of the integrity of the owners that run Numis Network and decided to get back in the game. I’ll never look back.

If you want to work with a company that has the representatives best interests in mind and the expertise to create the best pay plan in the MLM industry in the last 10 years, give me a call. I look forward to helping as many people as I can create financial independence with Numis Network.

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Get Started in Your Numis Business today and be a part of the fastest growing and biggest earning teams in Numis Network!

To Your Massive Success!


Tim Langen

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Skype: timlangen47

View A Presentation Detailing Numis Network’s Incredible Compensation Plan: http://easybusinesstoday.com/numis-comp-plan-explained/

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