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Can Dreams Come True?

Can Dreams Come True? Faster than the Speed of Thought …

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… You have the ability to make all of your dreams come true the same way Nichole did and countless others in Empower Network.
Whatever you may be dealing with today, I just want to give you a reminder that YOU ARE POWERFUL.


You’re bigger and stronger than you think you are.


And sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.

THE GOOD NEWS is that whatever may be keeping you tossing and turning at night…

  • Health Problems
  • Financial Problems
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Lack of Belief in Yourself
  • Fear or Retiring Broke

See http://easybusinesstoday.com/can-dreams-come-true – watch the video and read the page and click the link to make the magic happen for you and your family today.

Can Dreams Come True ?

Insecurity and self doubt can be terrible demons and as long as you feed them with your fear and doubt, those demons will remain strong and will block you from manifesting your true future and achieving your dreams and goals in life. Self doubt and especially listening to the naysayers around you will steal your dream and your enthusiasm and make you think you can’t achieve your dreams.

Self doubt and peer pressure can be a nasty demon that can sneak it’s way into your thinking and make you think you are not good enough! The Fact is that you are good enough! We all are but we have to take the leap of faith and believe in ourselves and follow through.

Ever feel that way like why should I try when I’ll just fail anyway?

That’s what that self doubt demon sounds like and it’s stopping you from doing what you really WANT to do in life…
I felt the same way about making money online .
I figured “What’s the point in trying to start another
home based business? I’ve failed at so many over the last 15 years”
I had tried so many opportunities and was either , let down or just plain gave up! 
A year ago I decided I will NOT let my past failuresdictate my future and I will eliminate the word  “TRY” from my vocabulary.
I have overcome my fears and doubts and now am seeing success where I have never seen it before.
Can Dreams Come true? ….
Because whatever you may be dealing with right now,  
You Can Do This ! You Are Far More Powerful than you think.
One thing that helped me emensely was a Course and a membership site called formula for miracles by Brent Phillips.
You can find it at www.formulaformiracles.net  There’s no affiliate program so I will not make anything from sending you there but
it has made a tremendous difference in my life and my outlook on life and my business. 

Wednesday February 6th 2013, I received the following email after working my 10 hour night shift and then sleeping all day:

empower network

Let’s lock arms and fight the forces of evil together.
Let’s DO this!

To Your Success!


Make Money Online With Craigslist And EZ Money Method

Timothy Langen
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P.S. You’re incredible. You’re a rock star. Don’t
ever let anyone ever tell you differently…..especially that
reflection in the mirror! 

Can Dreams Come True

What Inspires You To Be Home Business Owner?

Many Dream Of Having A Successful Home Business, Few DO!

Looking back 12 years I was working night shift on a forklift for Nestle. Shortly after starting with Nestle I had stumbled into a Home business opportunity with  a website hosting company. I stumbled upon the opportunity in my off time while enjoying my new computer and the internet.

I worked this hosting reseller program and followed the example of the top reseller and copied what he did and ended up on the first page of the search engines for some key terms. Within 6 months I had matched what I was making at Nestle and had started leasing my own servers thereby leaving the reseller part behind and cutting out the middle man.

I had 5 to 10 people signing up per day and, being very excited by this,  I had shared my success with many of my co-workers on my night shift job. One guy I told said, ” Man You are living my dream”. I told him no, I am living my dream. YOU have to live your own!

I had more than just one “WHY”. I worked night shift with mandatory overtime on Saturdays. I lived in a single wide trailer with my wonderful wife, 2 kids and a large black Labrador. Every birthday and Christmas the house got smaller with clutter. Just short of 1 year with Nestle I retired to run the Hosting Business full time. we bought a nice 3 bedroom colonial with a large yard. Life was good.

Airmain unloading a truck with forklift.
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Now 12 years later my WHY is Back! I lost probably half of my clients over the last 2 years due in part to the economy with many just shutting down their website or flat out going out of business. Some I lost to extremely low cost competitors and because of my overhead I could not afford to lower prices to compete. I still have a solid client base that is very loyal because of the personal service I provide but I am back on a Night shift Job in a warehouse!

My wife had been laid off from her job of 21 years and now the Hosting business income just wasn’t enough. At 47 years old now Night shift is worse than I remembered it! I feel blessed however, that I have found a very refreshing Network Marketing company with a unique product and teamwork that is unlike any I have ever experienced in other ventures into the network marketing I had made.

I again see light at the end of the tunnel and will be retired again by age 50. This time for good!

Everyone I work with at the warehouse is miserable.  Yet very few will ever do anything to change their life and break free of the Employee attitude they were raised to believe was the only way! Four  of the 5  people in my department are on medication for depression! I can not and will not sentence myself to this fate. In my mind my destiny is clear and will be fulfilled!

What’s your WHY? What inspired you to get you motivated to start building your Home Business? Post a comment and share your Why’s thereby reaffirming your commitment to your goal and getting a link back to your site! :)


To your Empowered Success,

Tim Langen

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Numis Network Compensation Plan Explained

Numis Network Comp Plan Video

The compensation plan of Numis Network has a unique multi-level marketing hybrid compensation structure which includes, Fast Start Bonuses, Retail Sales, a Binary Plan, Coded Bonuses, and Matching Enroller Bonuses. Each plays a roll in the overall success of the Numis Network Collector Representative.

This plan was the creation of  Chris Kent and Ian Cordell. Chris and Ian established International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. Under their leadership, IDSTC has become a premier provider of technology and software services for the direct selling industry with hundreds of clients throughout the world.

Their company has created the software and systems for over 300 network marketing companies over the last 10 years. They know what works and what doesn’t and they have combined the best of the best into the Numis Network Compensation Plan.

Below is a Video mapping out the awesome power of this great compensation plan done by my fantastic business partner Ray Higdon.  I think You’ll see why you should get started with Numis today!
This video breaks it down for you and your prospects, if you find it useful, please show me some love and retweet it and comment on it!

Now, this compensation plan is as of March 1st, 2010 detailing all ranks current (1star to 6star)

(To Reach Each Level You Have to Possess the Qualifications of Each Prior Level)

1 Star = 2 personal enrollees with 1 active on each leg

2 Star = 3 personal enrollees

3 Star = 6 personal enrollees

4 Star = 12 personal enrollees

5 Star = 15 personal enrollees, with minimum 10 of those personals 3 Star or above & 300 Actives on your pay leg in the binary

6 Star = 150,000 Total Monthly Personal Volume with no more than 50,000 coming from one personal enrollment leg.

Join Numis Network  Today and be a Part of the Fastest growing team in Numis PERIOD.

Hope that helps you all!

To your Success!


Tim Langen


Skype: timlangen47
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meanddeb Maintaining Your Sanity With A Home Business

Timothy Langen
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Avoiding Network Marketing Failure

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Tips for avoiding the traps that lead to Network Marketing failure.

No one really sets out with the intention of failing at Network Marketing however the staggering statistics don’t lie. 97% of people who get involved in Network marketing will fail. What is the top reason for this outrageous failure rate? Those who fail need to take a good look in the mirror to discover the real reason.

These people will however find many excuses to rationalize why they are not doing well and the number one excuse is to blame their sponsor. Your sponsor is there to lead by example and try to pass on the knowledge they have gained to help their reps attain the same degree of success that they have achieved. The sad fact is that many people who get into Network Marketing will not follow the example of their sponsor.


They will not do the things their sponsor has done to get to where they need to be. You can not expect to be spoon fed by your sponsor. They will not sign people up for you however a good sponsor will do 3 way calls with you or join in on webinars with you. The problem is that the people who doom themselves to failure will not even try to these things even though it is offered.

Many will say they do not have enough time due to their job or the kids or whatever but when taking the right actions to actively build your business on a daily basis, everyone has time unless they are actually working 90 to 100 hours a week. Personally I work 10 hour nights 5 days a week yet I still make time to devote to building my business because My ‘why’ is that I WILL  NOT be doing this night shift job for much longer! Many people say they want to start a home business, Fire their boss, etc etc. but just don’t have the drive and determination to MAKE IT HAPPEN. The idea of failure can not even be accepted as an option.

If you are working a home business or are thinking about starting one you need to commit yourself 100% to the fact that you will succeed. There is no try. Just set your mind to Do it! Don’t be one of the thousands of whiners out there looking for a reason to fail. As a mentor of mine often states, “If You are Looking For A Reason why You’ll Fail, You Will Find It”.

Don’t become part of the 97% failure rate statistic. Become part of a movement to lower that statistic.

Finally, ask yourself, if you were a prospect, would you sign up under you? If not, you need to look at those who are successful and start to actively do the things they do. There are no secrets or magic buttons they use to get people to join. Study what they do and get to it. Join the coalition to stop MLM Failure Today.

To Your Success!


Tim Langen
Phone: 484-241-6497
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#1 Home Based Business, Period: http://www.easybusinesstoday.com/1

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Why You Should Choose Numis Network

Five reasons why you need to take advantage of the growing trend of collecting gold and silver and building true walk away from your job residual wealth.

Many people are looking at Numis Network because they heard the buzz spreading around the Social Networks in regards to Gold and Silver.

I did not jump into Numis Network without doing some proper research first. I came from a Health & Wellness company and due to the present economy my once thriving business was dwindling away.

People were discontinuing their auto-shipments as they could  no longer could justify over a hundred dollars a month for vitamins. No offense to the die-hards out there still promoting juices and vitamins but it was time to face the facts. Most people don’t take a handful of vitamins a day. Not even body builders!

The Top 5 Reasons I Joined Numis Network:

  1. Our Product is Money. If I pulled up to your house with a car full of  vitamins and juice and offered you all you want free how much would you take? Probably not much. If I did the same thing with a car full of Gold and Silver Coins how much would you take? You’d probably take my car apart looking for every last one!
  2. The Economy and the trends of Gold and Silver. Lets face it. Gold and Silver is really the only true currency in the world today. Everywhere you turn you see ads for  “We Buy Gold”.  Even Sears and k-Mart are talking about adding We Buy Gold departments.
  3. The Team Takeover System: You hear about “Systems” in many companies, but this system is WORKING. No more explaining, presenting, chasing… all I do is invite and the system is doing the rest. My team has grown tremendously  in less than 60 days, so I can honestly say the system works!
  4. The NumisDream Team! I was fortunate enough to stumble into the team with 3 of the top producers in Numis Network who have locked arms and are giving their all to make sure their whole team succeeds in making this a business with true walk away income for everyone involved. Do you wan to work 40 years making money for someone else while you just barely scrape by every month?
  5. The Numis Founders: The founders of this company each have a truly impressive resume. Chris Kent and Ian Cordell have owned and operated a company called IDSTC (Internation Direct Selling Technology Corporation) and have helped over 400 MLM companies  design and implement their compensation plans and back offices.  They took the best of what works and implemented it in the Numis Pay Plan and back office system. Jake Kevorkian was such a massive success as a Network marketing distributor that he went on to purchase the company and was owner for 12 years until he sold it to his partner.  As if this was not enough, Numis has THE TOP NUMISMATIC COIN SALESMAN and numismatic authority Mike Mezack. You’ve seen him on HSN where he has done over 100 million dollars in sales in a year and over the course of his 20 year career has generated 1 billion dollars in sales. He is now promoting coin sales in our personal Shopnumis websites!
  6. My Name is Tim Langen and I’m an Internet Marketer and Coach in Numis. I instruct people how to succeed online with their Numis Home Business and Internet marketing . I also run a website hosting company online for the last 11 years and provide free website hosting for those who choose to work with me. I also provide support choosing domain names setting up blogs and emails for my associates. The web hosting package by itself is a $200.00 per year value that you will not likely find offered by any other Numis representative.

    Watch the Below Video to Learn About the ONLY Network Marketing Company Dealing in Silver and Gold Collectible Coins! Get a Free coin each month By Promoting this Company and Possibly Earn a Serious Income on top of that.

    Numis Network is the World’s First Graded Gold and Silver Home Business. To Have a Gold and Silver Coin MLM Business Right Now is to get in on the  Huge Trend of People Interested in Gold and Silver. Numis Network is Poised to Make a Lot of People, A Whole Lot of Money! Before You Join Numis Network, Enter Your Name and Email to See What it is All About!Ray is one of Numis Network’s Top 5 star reps and is a Great guy. He is in my direct upline and gets very involved with helping me and every othe rep in his downline.

    Enter your Info below To Take a serious look at the video for a no fluff, show me the money explanation of the fantastic pay plan and our company.

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Know What the Top MLM Companies Have in Common


top mlm companies
Image via Wikipedia

If you want to become successful in your network marketing or multi-level marketing business, it would be wise to know what the top MLM companies have in common.  This would refer to the traits that top MLM companies have whether they are conducting business offline or online.

Most successful MLM companies share 3 common traits that have brought them to the top of their industries.  These include the following:

* Offering unique products in high demand – It makes sense to offer something that is unique. However, you should make sure that as much as your product is unique, it is also high in demand.  Top MLM companies usually offer products and/or services that are unique, meaning they could not be bought from somewhere else and at the same time highly demanded by many customers.
* Providing lucrative commission plan – If you place yourself in the position of an independent sales agent, you would naturally choose a company that provides a lucrative commission plan.  This is exactly what most top MLM companies have in mind when they offer their sales people with high back-end residual and high upfront commission.  Some of these companies offer both to their sales people, which make them the top choice of independent sales agents.
* Establishing a stable lead generation and conversion system – An MLM business would not be a success without people to look and support the business.  Most top MLM companies have established their own lead generation and conversion system, which is stable enough to support their businesses.

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 The clock is ticking….. You want to be in and ready to rock when we launch our huge promotion.

 I sincerely look forward to helping you reach your dreams through Empower Network.

 Timothy Langen
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What is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing?

To answer the question of ‘What is Network Marketing?‘ I’ll begin with the fact that  network marketing  or multi-level marketing also known as MLM, is one of the most popular businesses models today.  However, what is network marketing?

Network marketing is a type of business that allows you to promote and sell another company’s product and/or services directly to prospects or customers by either direct selling or relationship references while at the same time allowing them the

network marketing

Network Marketing

opportunity to go into business for themselves and earn commissions on sales and recruiting while generating an additional commission for you.

The beauty of the network marketing model is that you can usually be up and running in your own business for less than 500.00 with little or no overhead other than some advertising costs if you are using paid advertising, and a few tools such as auto-responders or a business blog for promoting your new business. In a traditional business such as a McDonalds you’d be having to take out a $500,000.00 loan just to get started.

Another great feature is that instead of having to pay employees such as in a traditional business, the people you bring into your network marketing business generate commissions for you! This creates a win win situation for you and your reps as well as the person who sponsored you!. The reason being that if you can help those you bring into the business do well, you benefit as a result.

There are many different types of compensation plans in Network Marketing and that is too detailed a subject to deal with in this post but one recommendation is to avoid companies with only a a binary plan unless they also have additional bonuses that are easier to make money with. binaries are very hard to manage and earn residual monthly income with.
Powerline pay plans can be very profitable and some like Empower Network, pay 100% commissions and are more similar to an affiliate program than traditional network marketing .

The ideal situation would be to join a Network Marketing Business that has everything you need all ready to go to start bringing in traffic and customers such as a viral blogging system. Blogging on a daily basis is the easiest free way to build traffic to your network marketing business and Empower Network provides you with an already set to go blog that has an incredible Alexa ranking that allows you to rank in the top pages of Google for your selected keywords.

If you are already a part of a network marketing opportunity, blogging daily using Empower Network‘s viral blogging system can help you build the traffic you need to generate the leads you need to build your network marketing business.

In case you’ve been wondering ‘what the HECK is the Empower Network?‘  That video should do the trick…  – just watch THIS.

To Your Empowered Success!

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business op

Timothy Langen
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What’s Piling Up In Your Garage?

Today’s quick post  delves into the question of what you want to base your home business on. Would you rather have a garage full of lotions and potions  or would you rather have a garage full of  Silver and Gold? Are you a nutritionist? Well, a couple of you may be and that’s good for you, but if you
are not are you willing to fake it to sell a product that has unproven benefits, has not been FDA approved and is of questionable value?

If you want to stop wasting  your time and your reputation trying to sell health
products when you can be collecting something that has real value
and making a very substantial income on top of that.
Now is the time to enter the hottest business on the internet in 2010: Numis Network
To see a No B. S. video getting right to the point on their awesome pay plan see :

Numis Upside Down Webinar

People WANT more of this product.
NOBODY can have too much.

Our products are certified and graded silver and gold coins.

NEVER been sold through Networking before.
We have the ‘First Mover’ Advantage in this HUGE worldwide market.

The value of our products is obvious to everyone.

SUBSTANTIAL INCOMES can be earned with this simple, but powerful business.

You can be financially rewarded just through retail
sales… even if you never enroll a single representative.

Proven, system-driven business for you to plug into.

Company is founded by absolute ‘Superstars’.
Founders are visionary leaders with strong, ethical track
records of success.

You are here at the beginning!
Company is less than 1 year old.

NOT another ‘start-up’.
Founders have built back office systems for hundreds of
other direct sales companies, and have now launched their own.

International expansion is already in the works.

Industry Insiders have called our Compensation Plan
“The RICHEST PAY PLAN” they’ve ever seen!

Top Industry Leaders are already getting positioned.
Get started now..

-To Your success!

Tim Langen

Is Network Marketing  The Perfect Business For You?

There are many reasons why network marketing may just be the perfect business for you.  For one, it is very simple to start up and extremely low cost compared to starting a traditional business.  With network marketing, your results depend on what you are willing to put into it.  In most good Network Marketing companies there is a team mentality where people share what works and readily help you to succeed.

The amount of money you can make  in network marketing is also a substantial reason why it may be perfect for you.  This is evident in the number of successful network marketers who have become millionaires in a short span of time. Does this happen for everyone? No. Running a Network Marketing business still takes work and dedication to success.

Networking marketing can be employed either traditionally or through the Internet.  Since the advent of the Web, network marketing has evolved since you are able to address prospects within reach.  You do not have to go from one place to another in order to do a presentation or speak about your business.  You would never have to leave home if you employ network marketing through the Internet.

Network marketing and the Internet is a good combination in obtaining success if you can avoid all of the distractions that will come your way!  You can start from scratch and eventually reap profitability as you move on.  You will have to integrate different online tools in order to maximize your network marketing business.

Naturally, you  need to establish a website or a blog where prospects and customers can reach you and watch marketing presentations.  You need to develop your skill in posting comments, replies, and suggestions in forums and blogs.  More so, you would have to make good use of social networks in order to expand your customer base.

This can be the most difficult part about doing business online as there tends to be a growth curve in learning how to set up a website or a blog for your business and success does not happen overnight.

My Friend David Wood has come up with a fantastic solution in Empower Network  which allows total newbies to get online with their own already set up blog and be able to start driving traffic to their opportunity very quickly no matter what your present business is and be able to make 100% commissions from their viral blogging platform at the same time.

Watch the video below for info on how you can take your Network Marketing Business to the next level:

Get 100% Commissions INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY to your account!
Even if you have no experience, you can Make Money THIS WEEK Online…
Dont wait, dont procrastinate, dont second guess, take action now!

Will you take action?

Join us: Click Here Now

To Your Empowered Success!

Click Here To Join Empower Network And Prepare To Make 2012 Your Most profitable year Ever!

Timothy Langen
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