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Easy Article Marketing Strategy

Easy Article Marketing Strategy

Article marketing is among the most powerful online marketing tools used for promoting home business websites. In order to be able to benefit from this powerful strategy you really have  to know exactly how it works and have a system in place that you follow religiously to generate more deep links to your main blog resulting in increased traffic and more targeted leads opting into your list.

Article Marketing is not something that generates traffic overnight. It requires patience and work. Yes, I said the “W” word… “Work”! Sorry to burst your bubble but as in anything else if you want to build a successful business there is no such thing as an Easy Button. There is however a shortcut you can take which will dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to get posts ranking on page 1 in Google and that  is Empower Network. <— Click the link to dramatically article marketing reduce your time and amount of work necessary to start generating leads and converting sales as well as earning 100% commissions directly from Empower Network. Or read on if you’d rather do it the long and drawn out way…

There’s literally thousands of articles submitted to the top article directories each and every week and unfortunately only a small percentage are getting the results they require to be able to grow their business. The main objective is to write high quality content which will be of value to readers and target  the articles at keywords that are not overly competitive . Sometimes it is better and faster going for the low hanging fruit.

Personally I tend towards using long-tail keywords.  Using the  Google keyword search tool you should pick long tail keywords which have a good daily and monthly search rate but not ones which will give you little or no chance of ranking on page 1.

Your 1st Step in an Effective Article Marketing Strategy would be writing a quality 500 to 600 word article that includes your chosen keyword phrase in the title  plus a couple times in the body of the text and once at the end if possible without making it look keyword stuffed The objective of creating your article really should be to inspire Interest, Attention,  & Action. Divide the article into small paragraphs which makes for easier reading.

The goal of writing your article must be to inspire Interest, Focus, Want, & Action. Divide the article into small paragraphs which makes for easier reading.

The Vast majority of article directories will primarily permit links via the resource box. You need to create a concise but persuasive resource box with a call to action and a link returning to your blog using your keyword phrase as the anchor or link text . A great number of article directories will allow just 2 url links in the resource box.

Always be certain to proof read your document and make use of spell check before you submit it live to an article directory website. If your article is badly written people won’t keep reading and most likely will not ever visit your blog or product sales site.

Create an account on one of the better ranking and most preferred article directory sites such as Ezine-articles or Go-articles. Fill out the user profile particulars and try to make it as high quality as you can and take advantage of the profile area as well to point back to your blog. Your user profile is really a great resource to present your self to the readership about your internet business and also experience.

After you are done configuring your account, publish your article content. You should try making the Post title as interest grabbing as you possibly can while still using your keyword phrase. A few article directories will definitely have a review article time period. After the article content is reviewed tweet it to all your twitter followers! Also utilize ping.in to ping the article address to let the search engines discover it is there a bit sooner.

After that Repeat the Process.

Presently there are a few decent quality article content submitters available, 2 of which you can pick up from My Lead System Pro, which will make it possible for you to spin and rewrite the article properly as well as re-submit the article in a rewritten form to numerous different directories creating each article one of a kind while retaining the article integrity.

Every single article published to numerous web directories should end up being at a minimum 40 to 50percent unique. By making the articles unique, you have a better chance of more articles ranking on the first results page of Google.

The article submitters many of us make use of enable people to hand reword articles by incorporating synonyms. Be careful of less costly article spinners because they could make your article pointless by adding substitute terms and sentences that make no sense in the framework of the paragraph or sentence.

Employ your articles to create a connection with the reader. If you establish trust by way of creating quality articles that offers the viewer something of value to them, you will be seen as much more professional and valued in their opinion.

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Article Spinner – Creating Unique Articles With Spin Rewriter

 Creating unique articles is a breeze and takes about half the time it took me to spin an article using the best spinner and I don’t have to worry that it will crash or freeze up like the best spinner article spinner was prone to do. If you’ve ever spen a half hour to 45 minutes spinning an article and then had the damn thing crash on you , then you’ll fall in love with spin rewriter.

Why should you choose Spin Rewriter article spinner?

 It makes rewriting your articles and converting them into unique articles as easy as pressing ONE BUTTON
 It actually understands the text and only suggests meaningful synonyms
 It rewrites your articles by using its growing collection of 750,000+ synonyms
 It comes with paragraph, sentence, phrase and single-word level spinning
 It exports hundreds of unique articles in all popular spintax formats
 It offers Bulk Rewrite that lets you rewrite multiple articles with 1 click
It gets better every day and adapts to your personal style of writing
It tells you the current uniqueness of spun versions of your article
It works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, your phone, everywhere!
It allows you to dominate everybody else with loads of unique content

Spin Rewriter just released its first Major Update on its article spinner  about 4 or 5  days ago and the features are nothing short of awesome.

Below is a list of some of the updates and features that will help you easily create unique articles:

What’s new? Here’s just some of the new updates:

  • User feedback is now much more filtered – Spin Rewriter article spinner will no longer pick up bad habits and misspelled words from users.
  • Improved differentiation between similar meanings of words with multiple meanings.
  • One Click Rewrite now generates even more readable text, the difference on rea life test cases is more than significant
  • Less frequently used synonyms are now methodically offered to users so Spin Rewriter can further evaluate their quality in a non-intrusive way.
  • Improved word manipulation – 99.9% of all verbs are now correctly transformed into their past-tense and gerund form, etc.
  • Comparative adjectives are no longer suggested for superlative adjectives, and vice-versa, with some obvious exceptions where this is preferred.
  • They removed verbs in gerund form (-ing verbs) that were tied to verbs in their base form where required.
  • They fixed a bug that caused our API to generate faulty spintax in some cases.
  • The Spin Rewriter API now offers a new setting – users can request articles to be spun only on the first level (no nested spins).
  • The article spinner One-Click Rewrite process offers a new setting that does the same – guarantees that the resulting text is spun on the first level only.
  • Your One-Click Rewrite preferences such as “Protected Keywords”, “Confidence”, etc. and similar preferences are now saved automatically.
  • Saved projects are correctly represented with their names even if those names are later changed by users.
  • They now offer the “Bulk Rewrite” option where you rewrite multiple articles with a single click, and spun articles immediately show up in your. Archive
  • They now offer the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option that rewrites one article with a single click and returns spun text, entirely skipping Step 2 of the process.
  •  Affiliate partners can find “embed codes” for all our promotional YouTube videos directly on our website, within the Affiliate Program section
  • Our article spinner user interface is now using native browser handles for resizing various input fields (available in Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • We optimized and compressed browser-based code and made Spin Rewriter even more responsive and quicker to load
  • We researched our data about most common screen resolutions of our users, cleaned up the user interface and made it even faster
  • And much much more

article spinner

article spinner

Creating unique articles is so easy with spin rewriter article spinner that you’ll want to refer it to all of your marketing friends and the nice thing is that it has an affiliate program.  Check out Spin rewriter by Clicking Here and start creating unique articles the easy way starting right now.

In case you’ve been wondering ‘what the HECK is the Empower Network?‘  This video should do the trick…   just watch THIS.

To Your Empowered Success!

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article spinner

Spin Rewriter Article Spinner Better Than The Best Spinner

If you submit to article directories you want the best spinner you can find to make your job of spinning out multiple copies of your articles that are intelligently worded and do not look like they have been automatically spit out by a content spinner.

I used to use the best spinner but often became frustrated by the complicated interface with way to many options and a thesaurus that was not nearly intelligent enough to adapt to the slang I occasionally throw into my posts and articles or even the proper use of  “a” versus “an” which frustrates the hell out of me!

The best spinner also has a very nasty habit of crashing before I have saved all that I was doing and making me start all over again!  Fortunately a friend turned me on to Spin Rewriter and my life has become so much less stressful!

Because spin rewriter is an online software program it does not have the crash problems that plague the best spinner which is a program you run on your computer. Also the more users that subscribe and use it the more intelligent it becomes. No waiting for program updates which you have to download and install as with the best spinner. Check out the Spin Rewriter video tutorial presentation Below:


Click Here to lock in the 5-Day Free Trial and 50% Launch Discount forever if you sign up today.

best spinner

Best Spinner

What Features Can You Expect With Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter includes an unparalleled list of features:

  You can rewrite your articles using it’s intelligent One-Click Rewrite system.
  spin rewriter actually understands the text and only suggests meaningful synonyms.
  It rewrites your articles  using its ever growing database of 750,000+ synonyms.
  Spin Rewriter supports paragraph, sentence, phrase and single-word level spinning.
  It exports hundreds of completely unique articles in any of the popular spintax formats.
  It comes with a Bulk Rewrite option that lets your rewrite multiple articles with one click.
  It learns and gets better every single day and adapts to your personal style of writing.
  You also have the ability to check the current uniqueness of spun versions of your articles.
  Spin Rewriter supports unlimited nested spinning with unlimited color coding for different levels.
  When we update Spin Rewriter software, you always get all updates instantly and for free.
  You can use this amazing article rewriter on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, your phone, everywhere!
  You can use our API and easily spin your articles inside your WordPress blog and other apps.
  You can order new base articles and we’ll write them for you.
  You can distribute your generated unique articles using any submission software on the market.
  You will dominate everybody else with tons of unique content and increase your online income!

This is only a short list of things Spin Rewriter does that will change the way you do internet marketing.

Unique content is key to success when it comes to great link building, great search engine optimization (SEO) and – most importantly – great search engine rankings and loads of income!

Spin Rewriter is truly the best spinner!


Have you heard of Empower Network? Have you  been wondering ‘what the HECK is the Empower Network?‘  This video should do the trick…  – just watch THIS.


To Your Empowered Success!


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Incoming search terms:

  • spin rewriter vs the best spinner

The Best Spinner Still The Best?


Spinning articles for submission to multiple directories can be long and tedious work especially if you are doing it properly so that your spun articles make sense.

The Best Spinner used to be my choice for the least painful way to spin intelligent sounding articles for syndication to article marketing directories and social bookmarking sites.

the best spinner spin rewriter

I enjoy creating content but spinning articles would literally take me days and TheBestSpinner had a way of locking up on me and if I had not just saved my semi spun article I’d have to start again from scratch. As Charlie brown Spin Rewriter used to say, “ARRRRGH!” Then I was introduced to Spin Rewriter by a good friend of mine and my attitude towards spinning has changed.

With spin rewriter I am actually able to spin and publish in 20 to 25 minutes where it used to take me friggin’ days with thebestspinner! Thank God! I was about to give up on article marketing for good even though it works so well to generate quality backlinks  to my blog. I hated spinning that much!

the best spinner spin rewriter

With Spin Rewriter I don’t get ridiculously spun crap spit out like:   “I,we,my friend and I” when all I want it to say is “I”. Also no more getting “an” when it should have been switched to “a”.  Spin Rewriter does that  for you automagically (not a word, I know)!

Here is a Full video Review of the great features that Spin Rewriter offers article marketers:

If you have ever been through the tedious boredom of manually spinning an article, You Know You Want  Spin Rewriter.

If you’ve experienced the grammatical  aggravation  and the software crashes with The Best Spinner, then YOU REALLY NEED SPIN REWRITER

You can get it here: Spin Rewriter and it comes with a Free trial.

the best spinner spin rewriter …

Why should you chooseSpinRewriter?

the best spinnerit makes rewriting your articles as easy as pressing ONE BUTTON
the best spinnerit actually understands the text and only suggests meaningful synonyms
the best spinnerit rewrites your articles by using its growing collection of 750,000+ synonyms
the-best-spinnerit comes with paragraph, sentence, phrase and single-word level spinning
the-best-spinnerit exports hundreds of unique articles in all popular spintax formats
the-best-spinnerit gets better every day and adapts to your personal style of writing
the-best-spinnerit tells you the current uniqueness of spun versions of your article
the-best-spinnerit works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, your phone, … everywhere!
the-best-spinnerit allows you to dominate everybody else with tons of unique content
the best spinner spin rewriter …

You can get it here: Spin Rewriter and it comes with a Free trial.

ENJOY and get out there and write and spin an article a day!

To Your Empowered Success!

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the best spinner spin rewriter

spin rewriter reviews

How to Make Money Utilizing Squidoo Marketing

Squidoo advertising is one of many effective programs that online marketers are able to use for designing incredible on-line money-making portfolios. There are lots of social networks and communities out there, but none seem to provide their members the type of effective lens system and the ability to create traffic leading to income  that Squidoo does. So if you are searching for some great advertising tips. Continue on …

What is Squidoo? Squidoo is actually the brainchild of mastermind speaker and small business owner, Seth Godin,  also a bestselling  author having 7 or more published books. He was one of the original founders and is now the Squidoo CEO.

If you are bored out of your mind spending hours surfing online you can use Squidoo to create mini websites that will generate you income with your own online business. Squidoo lenses tend to do very well at generating traffic.

What are Squidoo Lenses? Lenses are actually user-created websites generally reviewing a product or service that you may be promoting. You can then link your lenses to your affiliate, or network marketing website to drive traffic to your offers.. You can additionally connect them to blog sites, social networking internet sites, or  video streaming sites such as  YouTube or Viddler.  Squidoo has a very high page rank and Alexa ranking so lenses created within the system tend to do very well in search engine rankings if you choose your keywords wisely.

Squidoo advertising lenses provide you with many social media tools enabling you to connect with people in other social networks and build a targeted following of those interested in what you are doing.

Using Smart SEO and linking tactics  you can boost the sales and traffic diving power of your Squidoo lense.  Squidoo is an expanding publishing platform. However if you really don’t promote the lense, Your target audience may never find it.

Here are some of the most effective things you can do to actively promote your Squidoo lenses:

1. Write articles for Ezine or other write-up website directories

2. Use a program Such as article marketing Robot to Send the Article to hundreds of directories

3. Join Tribe Pro and get your Squidoo Lense auto syndicated by hundreds of other Tribe Pro Members

Design a well thought out Squidoo Lense and market it properly and you can drive thousands targeted customers to your offers. Have fun.


To your Empowered Success,

Tim Langen

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