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People are always looking to make some extra money especially when you are living paycheck to paycheck. It is definitely a plus if you have another source of income besides your regular job and a great way to do this is to blog for profit.

If you don’t already have your own blog, there are places that will hire you to write content and the good ones will increase your pay as people give you favorable reviews for the content you create. Some sites will hire you to create content for just one specific site that they are monetizing with Adsense will pay you based on the traffic and the clicks that the articles you write generate.

With my own blog I prefer to monetize with the blogging system itself as an affiliate program. I currently use 2 that generate significant monthly commissions and they are Empower Network and Pure Leverage. Empower is great but it does not include all you need such as an auto-responder system. Pure Leverage on the other hand has that and more. Pure Leverage provides a Video Email system, an auto-responder service and a blogging platform all for the basic membership plus affiliate fee. They both pay fantastic commissions.

The search engines love sites that are constantly being updated so blogs tend to get good rankings and lots of traffic. The longer and more consistant you are with your blogging the more your traffic, click throughs, leads and sales will grow.

The biggest advantage with blogs is the ease at which non-techie people get one up and running and start creating blog content almost immediately. The 2 Viral blog platforms above are ready to go the minute you sign up with virtually no setup. Some people worry they can’t get ranking on a blog playform like Pure Leverage or Empower. Do a search for the phrase ‘solo ad subject lines’ in google. On the first page you’ll find Both my empower Network Blog post and My regular blog post.

I actually used the same post twice and just changed some of the wording around. I do that alot and have good success ranking with both My Empower Blog and my regular blog.

Starting A Blog For Profit – Pure Leverage Overview …

Do you have an auto responder? Do youknow what an auto-responder is and what it is used for? The fortune is in the follow -up and your auto-responder will do that for you automatically. The Pure Leverage system has a super simple setup process that will have your auto-responder set up in about 5 minutes by following a video tutorial. Finding affiliate programs which pay you a high percentage is crucial to profiting from your blogging.

Pure Leverage Signup

Pure Leverage also provides you with training webinars Tuesday nights as well as webinars on Thursday nights which help you recruit by leveraging the owners of the company promoting for you. We also have a Facebook group that teaches you how to market your Pure Leverage business .

Here’s What You Get With Pure Leverage :

Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage

So What Does Pure Leverage Cost?

A basic Pure Leverage membership including all you see above is $24.95 per month. You will also pay a $19.95 per month affiliate fee which covers the cost of the servers and techs necessary to support this incredible system and also allows you to resell the products. There is also a VIP member upgrade if you choose which is $97 per month and then gives you access to special VIP trainings and special webinar replays.

Keep in mind you’ll earn 100% commissions on all of your own direct sales so if you are a VIP member and you sponsor someone who upgrades to VIP you just earned a $121.95 commission. Each month after that you’ll earn a 50% commission for their membership as well as a 50% matching bonus of any sales they make and this continues each month so your income continues to grow on the work of your team! My earnings grow every month even when I’ve had a slow month. Pretty cool!

Pure Leverage has a $1 seven day trial! So What’s holding you back? Does Aweber or Get response or Gotowebinar pay you 100% or even 50% commissions for that matter? No they don’t! Dump those expensive services and replace them with the awesome tools included in Pure Leverage at a fraction of the cost and earn some really great commissions at the same time!

I look forward to working with you and Welcoming you to our growing pure Leverage Family. We’ll also plug you into our special Facebook support group where you’ll learn some great free ways to start promoting , getting leads, and making sales with your new Pure Leverage Business!

Pure Leverage Signup

Many people blog, but not many actually blog for profit. Yes there are writers out there that are making a decent buck but most are not coming close to making the kind of money they could be making with a blog affiliate program . If you are one of these people, or if you don’t have a blog yet, you can Join our family and we’ll help get you on your way to creating a blog for profit.

GVO – Global Virtual opportunity’s Pure Leverage, is just rolling out a powerfull new blogging platform with a ready to post blog included in the cost of the basic affiliate program so if you are looking to blog for profit, GVO’s Pure Leverage has everything you need to succeed in one place.


To Your Pure Leverage Success!

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Starting A Blog For Profit


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