How To Get People To My Blog – Here’s How!

Before you continue reading, consider how you found this page. You found this post by doinga search in Google most likely. Find out how you can learn from me exactly how I drive traffic and get First Page Google rankings. This will help drive traffic, Leads and sales for ANY business!

So You want to know how to get people to your blog and increase blog traffic? Here’s how I can help you take short cuts…

There are two paths to success in online marketing and getting people to your blog.

How To Get People To My Blog

1. The School of Hard Knocks – The path of the grizzly old man. This is where you get in the game, you take action, and you learn and pay for your mistakes from your experience. Not what I would suggest, but it will lead you to where you need to go if you truly desire network marketing success.

2. The Shortcut – The path of the entrepreneur. This is where you leverage the experience and the mistakes of those that have come before you. They make the mistakes and you benefit from it. You succeed faster because you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did.

It all starts with action, that’s the key. You take persistent and consistent action towards your goal and as long as you don’t stop, you WILL get there.

The only question is . . .

Do you want to get there fast or do you want to get there slow?

how to get people to my blog

Stand on my shoulders. Here’s your shortcut to internet marketing success.

How To Get People To My Blog

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So How Do I get People To My Blog?

I use Empower Network to rank on the 1st page of Google for a keyword or phrase I select at will. Most likely that is how you found this website and quite possibly this Post. I can show you how to do the same.

Below are a few keywords that I show up in the first page of Google for do a search for yourself and look for my domain in the url of the results that come up on the 1st page:

Do a Google search for:

Solo ad subject lines

empower network business

empower network home business

ez money method 2

drive traffic to empower network

traffic generation with empower network ( pages 1 and 2 – Youtube and blog posts)

empower network live call

complete empower network review

empower network livestream

empower network pay plan video


EZ Money Method Pull Tab Flyer

pull tab flyer advertising

empower network 90 day challenge

How Do I Rank Highly Using Article Marketing

Free Pop Up Plugin (my Youtube Vid)

1 Click SEO Plugin (my empower Blog post)

EZ Money Method Results (my youtube video)

That’s just a few but I’m sure you get the picture. Also look at the number of results at the top for each. That’s how many other people I am competing with for 1st page Google ranking. I get people opting in every day from these posts and a percentage will sign up over time.

How To Get People To My Blog

I don’t waste time anymore buying crappy tire kicker leads, no chasing friends or family. I used to until I got tired of spending so much money I may as well have been flushing it down the toilet! The people that opt in on my site now are people actively looking for a way to make extra income or to increase their leads and conversions for their current business and Empower Network and specifically my team can help them do that.

I’ll show you how to do the same using the power of the Empower Network blogging system to boost your posts rankings to page 1 in Google the same way I am doing it. If you can follow directions and you can be consistent you can do this!

How To Get People To My Blog

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Video streaming by UstreamI hope you got some good info from this post on how to get people to your blog and increase blog traffic.

 I sincerely look forward to helping you reach your dreams through Empower Network.

how to get people to my blog

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how to get people to my blog

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How To Get People To My Blog

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