The Law Of Attraction And Your Life

What we focus on is what we get.  Our thoughts become our reality.  This is the basic principle of the Law of Attraction.  Whether these thoughts are positive or negative do not matter, what is important is that they are our dominant thoughts and as such, they are the thoughts the universe will respond to and provide for.   Individuals attract good or bad experiences depending what they focus on.  Those who focus on how life has let them down will continue to experience misfortune and bad luck.  Those who focus on the good things life has to offer and the opportunities around the next corner, will be happier and thrive.

law of attraction

Law Of Attraction

We have immense power over what we receive.  The law of attraction teaches that what we think, we will receive.  If our thoughts are positive, then we will receive positive things.  The successes, the rewards, the items or blessings we want or dream about.  We just need to think about them and believe we are deserving of them.  The Law of Attraction says the universe hears what we think and returns to us what we ask for, what we focus on, what we believe we need.  The more we think about something, the more the universe hears us and the more quickly we will the things you focus on will be manifested into your life.
Negative thoughts work just the same.  When we think negative thoughts, “I don’t know why this is happening to me.”, the universe hears this, too, and more of the same will happen because we are giving energy and thought to the negative situation.  The universe cannot determine the nature of the thought, only that we are thinking of it.  When we think a thought, it gets returned to us.  For example, have you ever been carrying something and started to drop it and thought to yourself, “I’m going to drop this” and sure enough you did?   If you had thought instead, “I will hold onto this”, chances are you would have not dropped the item.  The difference is that there is no thought of dropping anything, only of holding onto the item.  Only positive thoughts.

Law Of Attraction – What Your thoughts focus on,  you attract … Good or Bad!

When we focus on the positive, the Law of Attraction says these positive thoughts will return to us bringing happiness, rewards, and the good things in life.  The secret is though, that we have to believe that we deserve these things.  We have to feel good about ourselves and believe in ourselves.  We have to start by thinking positive things about ourselves.   We literally have to say to ourselves, “I love myself” and “Life loves me”. The universe will hear that and will respond.

The only limits to our success are those of our imagination.  The Law of Attraction says we can bring to ourselves whatever we believe we deserve, we just have to focus our thoughts on it and truly believe we are worthy of it.  Whether it is a prime parking space, a dream job or happiness and good friends, the more we think about it and believe it is ours to have, the universe will hear our thoughts and provide.

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Law Of Attraction

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