Manifesting Abundance – How To Manifest

Manifesting abundance is a skill that most people have yet to master. While the movie ‘The Secret‘ made it seem like it’s just a mind game, where the quality of your conscious thoughts are the only things matter, the truth is that the Law Of Attraction is really about similar vibrations coming together.

Manifesting abundance

Manifesting abundance

Unfortunately for you, most conscious thoughts do not have enough vibratory force in them to  actually enforce a change in your reality. And this is the part that most people missed, and this is the reason why manifesting abundance can be a challenge. Most people simply do not know how to raise their vibration to the level where it’s possible to manifest anything.

In this article, we will show you how you can “force” a change in your vibration so that manifesting abundance is easier.

1. Let all the negativity come to the surface, recognize and release them.

You might think that you’re a positive person, however, your reality is an accurate reflection of your vibrations. If you’re struggling to earn and keep money and it’s been a pattern for many years, it’s because you have negative vibratory patterns (shaped by past experiences) that keep you in that loop.

These negative vibratory patterns are stored in your body’s tissues and if you want to be aware of them and re-shape them into positive ones, you can do so by working with an energy healer. Read this article for a great course on exactly how to do that for the cost of a book! However, if you’re experienced in meditation, try meditation practices that clean the chakras.

Manifesting Abundance – censoring your thoughts and actions …

Also, throughout the day, you can make a change by being aware of any feelings of fear, anger, and heaviness. Once you feel them, say “cancel, cancel, cancel” and follow it up with something positive like “things are getting better and better” immediately afterward. Treat others as you would treat God.

How to manifest abundance

1. Hold a positive attitude even about your current job. Remember that one of the main laws is that which you resist, persists! Do not give negative things energy or they will keep gaining strength in your energy field. Try to maintain a positive and peaceful attitude at all times.

2. Know your big WHY for manifesting abundance. Start your day by making your first thought “Something wonderful is going to happen today!”

According to the website, your energy level must be on the vibratory scale of 500 or above to be able to manifest anything in your life. This vibratory scale is based on the book by Dr. David R. Hawkins entitled Power Versus Force.

Since love is 500 on the scale, you must find your big WHY for wanting to have more money in your life – love for your children, love for helping other, etc. Whatever the reason, it must be based on love.  Feel this love and feel it always.
3. Shape your quantum field …

The movie “What The Bleep Do We Know” ( is probably the best movie to explain how anything in the material world is made. In the movie, it is  explained that nothing is ever solid, and that the foundations of what we call matter is actually moving, and it takes on the shape of what we observe it to be. That said, shape your own reality by impregnating your mind with images of wealth and abundance.

Make a video or keep a vision board and look at it everyday. As you’re doing so, feel the joy and the love that will naturally come as you achieve your goal. Do not stop doing this until you’ve manifested your goal.

4. Take action

While masters like Jesus are able to manifest miracles, the average human needs to do something in the physical realm to achieve their goals. So, while you’re shaping your quantum field, make sure you’re doing some action to help manifest wealth. If there’s a money-making idea that suddenly comes to you, act on it. Use your intuition!

With persistence, you could become an expert in manifesting wealth and abundance over time.

Be Blessed.

To Your Success!


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Manifesting Abundance – How To Manifest


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