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Abraham: What is the vibration of wealth?

Abundance has a vibrational frequency. It feels like ease, and freedom to choose, it feels like fresh air, it feels like clear path, it feels unlimited. It f…

I hope you have taken something from the Law of attraction video above.

You must take action for anything to really manifest in your life.

See the post Below from my friend and business mentor Joel Therien.


You know, it has been over 15 years but I can remember my
Sunday blues so vividly. Every Friday morning, I was happier
than could be, then yet, come Sunday afternoon I would fall
into a huge depression. Talk about a massive emotional roller

The sad reality today is that 99% of people hate what they do
for a living. I can remember just out of University working at a
local hospital, and for the very first time in my life I became

You see, I was very excited to get a job at the Montford
hospital in Ottawa Ontario Canada with a starting salary of
$52,000 per year! That was big money for me then. However,
as I got to know my colleagues I discovered very quickly that
some of them had been there for over 20 years and they were
making approximately $56,000 per year!


So I can expect to get a $4000 raise in the next 20 years! Not
much room for advancement if you ask me! You see, learning how
the human body works and all its moving parts was very fascinating
in school.

But, once I got into the workplace I was doing cardiac stress
testing all day long. Stick someone on the treadmill, read their
electrocardiogram, send them home. Stick someone new on the
treadmill, read their electrocardiogram and send them home!

I was doing the same thing day in and day out every single day.
For the first time in my life, as I said earlier, I became extremely

I thought to myself, “Can I really do this for the next 30 to 35 years?”

Boy was I stuck, my first baby girl Livija, was due in the next
few months, I was depressed out of my mind, and on a whim and
moments notice, I did the most irresponsible thing possible, at least
I thought it was..

Yep.. I quit my job!

I came home that day, scared to death to say anything to anyone.
The next morning, I told my wife I was not feeling well and was
going to stay home from work. Well, that worked for another couple
of days but soon enough my wife Ilona said “Honey, you need to
get back to work or you will be fired”

At that very moment, I felt my throat close and I mumbled,
“Honey I quit two days ago”..

Here it came.., my wife was yelling at me, my mother told me I was
running my life, my sister told me I was completely irresponsible with
the baby coming. GOD I wasn’t a real man…

The only person, that was supportive was my father, the true entrepreneur!

You know, it took me over two years to make my first dime online.
My wife nearly gave me the ultimate ultimatum, and that was, it is
your stupid computer or it was me, you make that choice!

Thank God she was patient, as leading up to today, since that day
we has never looked back!

>>> I have never had the Sunday blues again!

>>> I have never regretted being able to take my kids to school!

>>> I have never felt so free in my life!

So what does that have to do with you? Well see, I know what
you’re going through, I have been there! I know the frustrations,
I know the fears, I know the lack of spousal support, I know the
financial drain, I know the stress, and I know the tears.

NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING is worse than going to a job that you
absolutely despise!

I am unequivocally here for you, I have been there, and I will show
you exactly what you need to do with PureLeverage to make it
a success, to prove the naysayers wrong, and most importantly to
acquire the freedom that you deserve so that you can do what you
want when you want to do it!

You owe that not only to yourself, but to your family as well.

Where else can you start a business for such a low investment? Where
else does the world become your marketplace.

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On your way to work? Taking a little trip to Grandma’s house? You’ve just given us the PERFECT opportunity to prank! Next time you’re waiting for the bus… …

Here is a compilation of funny gags from one of my favorite shows courtesy of our neighbors from the North up in Canada.Stop back tomorrow for another .

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